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Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Official...

Tom and I are registered for Ford Ironman Florida 2008. Guess there's no backing out now... although I wouldn't want to do that even if I could!

In the spirit of triathlon and Iroman, here's a good list for you.

You know you ARE a Triathlete when:

  • Your favorite clothes contain the words "Cool" or "Max."
  • At work you realize the reason your under-arms feel remarkable smooth, free, yet stinky, is that you've mistakenly applied Body Glide instead of Deodorant
  • Transitions are not a type of prescription sun glass or time of profound personal change
  • You know precisely what size of wet suit, running shoe, bike shoe fits you to the exact half size
  • You know the name of several bike seat manufactures
  • You know how to change a bike tire
  • You have a multi-colored collection of swim caps
  • An easy swim is any distance less than 1500 yard
  • You know the difference between an A, B or C race and plan your vacations around them
  • You're favorite bar has the word "power", "cliff" "energy" and not "Cheers"
  • You know what Plantar Fasciitis, and how to pronounce it
  • You know your resting, max, and zone 1-4 heart rates
  • Spending $2000 on a bike seems reasonable
  • Helmet head is your most recognizable hair style
  • You shave way too many body parts for a guy
  • Bloody nipples are something you know all too much about
  • You know how to easily remove permanent black marker from your skin
  • You've had a recent conversation that contained the words, Aero, PB, PR, Split, diarrhea, rack, goggles, non-stick Pam, butt burn, black toe nail, Bento
  • You can swim a sub 1:00 minute 100 yards without flip turns
  • That something hard between your legs is usually a pull buoy
  • Drafting is not a football or baseball recruiting term
  • You have the word "Triathlon" on your Tivo's wish list
  • Your car has a USAT sticker
  • Your car has a bike rack
  • Your friends and family think you are a complete exercise fanatic
  • When asked, how old you are you answer 35-39.
  • When asked how long your training was today you answer: three to four hours.
  • You think an Ironman is easier then a Marathon because you don't have to start by running fast.
  • You think it's natural to do your 'business' behind a tree in the woods.
  • Nobody believes you when you say 'Never again'.
  • You go for a 5 km cooldown run after a 5 km race just so that you can call it a training session.
  • You consider work, regeneration time between training sessions.
  • Your friends don't ask you if you're going to train this weekend, but how long and how far.
  • You know inside out how much Protein each energy bar has.
  • In the summer your legs are smoother then your girlfriend's.
  • You need a picture for a job application and you only have race pictures.
  • You use running T-shirts to clean your bike.
  • You think there are only two seasons during the year, racing and off.
  • Yyou can't change the oil in your car but you can completely rebuild your bike in 45 mins and You clean your bike more often than your car
  • You spend more $ on training and racing clothes then work clothes
  • When a co-worker asks if you are racing this weekend, you say "yeah, but I'm just running a 10K, so that is not REALLY a race".
  • You have more water bottles than glasses in your cupboard
  • You consider you bike saddle your "couch"
  • You consider Clif Bars as one of the four food groups
  • Your bed-time reading on your night stand consists of a pile of: DeSoto catalogs; InsideTri; Triathlete, VeloNews, USMA Swim, etc.
  • You haven't bought work clothes in two years, yet you own bike shorts made by every manufacturer under the sun and can recite the merits of CoolMax, Supplex, etc. in your sleep!
  • You wave at other cyclists, because all triathletes are friendly and if they are not, they are probably purist cyclists trying to get into triathlons and they do not know that triathletes are friendly.
  • The one "suit" you own has a QR on the chest.
  • You’re tempted to do your long rides in a speedo so that you don't have a stupid tan for your next race.
  • You get done with a hard workout and drink a recovery drink while on the toilet and in the shower.
  • When non-racer friends tell you they ran/rode you automatically calculate their pace to see if you're still in better shape.


Carolyn said...

Doesn't it count if you just finish one of the darn things? :o)

Aunt Nan said...

Yikes. And I'm worried about walking 4 miles on Thursday in the race. Unbelievable goals and I know if you haven't already attained them, you're certainly well on your way...look at the coach you have! He's the best. Way to go, Sweetie. Enjoy (?) the training. It's just begun. xoxo
I love you