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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Definition of burnout...

Wanting nothing to do with my scheduled bike and run today. Wanting to lay on the couch, with a pizza and do nothing. Feeling blah. Really really blah.

Hehehe - but of course, that's not what happens! I guess I'm not really burnt out, just have a case of the Monday's and it's Tuesday (being away this weekend kind of threw me off a little). We went to Cincinnati with my parents and had a great time. It was way hot at the baseball game, but still fun and then we went to Belterra in Indiana for some gambling. Not quite Vegas, but it did just fine in satisfying my slot machine withdrawal! We finished the trip with a stop to Ikea. Can't complain about that. Here are some pictures of the weekend:
Before our ride on Saturday - it was actually pretty chilly when we started and we needed our arm warmers!!!
Our view at the ball game and a random picture of Tom and I (maybe a little bored at the game???)

Belterra is a river boat casino and my dad's the "King of the World"

Just Brady and I on the boat before we lost some money! :)


Borsch said...

mmmm...pizza! Glad you aren't burnt out!

Love the pics!

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a super weekend! Pizza sounds yummy! :)

Kate said...

Hi Colleen, thanks for stopping by. I feeling a little burnout myself. Can't believe thee race is just a few short months away!

Judi said...

The Red's....I bet they lost. You know I am in Cinti, right? Glad you guys had fun, sounds like a long weekend, maybe you just need a rest day.

So psyched for Sunday but they are calling for rain!

Kristen said...

Nice butt shot of Dad! LOL! I love the pictures of you and Tom.

I'm still proud of you...whether you are burned out or not! :-)

IronTriTim said...

This week I did the 2.5 hour run, and followed it with Pizza! :-)

Ryan said...

Arm warmers?

You've got to be kidding me!

Just another reason I dislike living in the South. I've got a tropical storm sitting on top of me and it is still in the mid 90's and humid everyday.

Ironman is coming!

TJ said...

Sounds like a fun getaway.
And what's wrong with laying around on the couch eating pizza?!?! RECOVERY!!!

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