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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Reason #8,597 that I hate Ohio.

Tuesday I ran 8 miles outside (in 1:08 by the way, but who's counting) in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. I overheated a little because it was 75 degrees! We went for a walk that night with the dogs and I work shorts and crocks with a tee shirt and a hoodie.

Right now as I look out my window, it's snowing.

Really Mother Nature? What did I ever do to you?


megan said...

nice work on the 8 miles!!! You go, speedy speedster! :)

I had no idea it was snowing! UGH. I tried to pretend this morning that I still felt a touch of spring in the air.

Didn't get to comment the other day, but congrats to your whole family on the win!!!!!!! Awesome job!

Kristen said...

Keep the snow up on your end, okay? I don't want to see it down here! LOL

Aunt Nan said...

Snow?????????? Oh, well, after all it is Ohio. xoxo

Borsch said...

Snow just means you get more of a workout...it is like running in sand.

Lori said...

Mother Nature and I are not friends. Not after letting me run 4 miles outside on Tuesday evening, and then dropping the temps the way she did. I feel you pain :P

Brittany M. said...

Congrats on the big wins at the tri last weekend! Sweet!
Don't worry, TX weather is nuts too...one weekend I got short lines from the sun, the next I was in full tights, jackets, etc. and got racoon face, the nextt week I got short and sleeve lines cause it was warm and sunny, today it's overcast, the roads are wet, and it's in the low 40's so it'll be tights and jacket again! No snow yet, but you never know around here!

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