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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy - Yeah, that explains it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

I'm busy.

Like REALLY busy.

Race Across America has ended and I was hoping that meant Tom and I could just enjoy the rest of the summer (er... year) together. Right... nothing ever goes as planned.

Wait, I'm enjoying time with him, but it seems to be constantly on the go. We got home from Baltimore on the 20th. I dropped him back off at the airport on the 25th for Orlando (back to back diabetes conferences). I left on the 26th to meet him there for a few days and came back yesterday. He comes back tomorrow. (you following all of this?). Tomorrow's our 5th anniversary, Saturday we have a BBQ to go to, Sunday we're racing and celebrating my sister's b-day, Monday is a 100 mile ride, Tuesday is a 15 mile run, and then I head to Rhode Island on Friday for the 70.3.


Throw in a little housework, a shitton of business (woo hoo - record sales in June!), some housesitting and it leaves just about enough time to sleep. :)

Oh well.

I ran my first 5k this past weekend - 5k@ADA. The American Diabetes Association was hosting their conference in Orlando and Tom worked it for Team Type 1. They have a race every year that's free to enter. There were nearly 800 runners and walkers that came out for this. It started at 6:30am and we were all bitching and moaning about how early that way.

Holy freaking sauna!

I now know why. I was soaked just walking to the start. BLAH! I had a good run though - 23:15 which was good enough for 3rd in my AG and 10th woman. Tom's teammates kicked some major butt. Adam came in second OVERALL with a 17:38 (he just finished RAAM with Tom last week). The other three guys all ran under 22:25's. That's impressive in my standards! :) I'm looking forward to a new sprint tri this weekend. Toms' racing, but the best news is we are bringing my dog and my parents are puppy sitting. She's going to love it! :)

One last thing... I still haven't done my blog about the Marathon Bar giveaways. Did I mention that I've been a little busy? :) Anyway, some other people are doing some great giveaways and I just want to give them a quick shoutout. First, DC Rainmaker is giving away a Garmin 101 to a lucky reader. Awesome prize! Also, Steve in a Speedo is giving away some Ryder glasses to a male follower and a Sugoi Moxie Skirt to a female. Awesome!


Kim said...

agh you are busy!!!

and im so bummed im not doing RI 70.3, i would have loved to meet you!

happy anniversary to you and tom - and hopefully you kids get some time to sit down, enjoy a glass of wine, and celebrate!

Jon said...

So I, uh, signed up for Rhode Island on Monday. Guess I'll cya out there on the course!

Molly said...

I got tired just reading all that's going on with you! : )

Enjoy your Anniversary!

Aunt Nan said...

I get tired just reading all you're both doing. Can't wait to babysit Charlie on Sunday!!! Dad has treats ready.. xoxox

Marci said...

Wowsers you are busy! I'll be following you next weekend when you race 70.3 RI!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Wow..you are super busy! Great job on the 5k! Good luck in your next tri! :)

megan said...

Congrats on the 5K!!! That's awesome! And wow, it does sound like you're busy!!!

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, I see you have JCC over by Hoover on your race list, I was at that race too, How did you do?