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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Punched my ticket

I rode 110 miles of the Louisville course yesterday. Would have been the whole thing (what's 2 miles?) but we parked a mile from transition. :) I feel like I punched my ticket to the race. I can do this. The ride went well and I feel strong and confident. There was some pack riding because we were with a group and of course the clock stopped when I had to use the potty or fill bottles, but I rode it in 6:11. If I can finish the 112 miles in 6:45 or under, I'd be good with that. I think that would give me a cushion for a good run. Of course I'd love to finish in under 6:30, but I had a lot of knee pain from miles 80 on yesterday and I think that could have been from pushing a gear on some of those hills that I shouldn't have. I have some things to figure out in the next 4 weeks, but I was happy with how it went.

Today, I can barely keep my eyes open. That's hell week 3 for ya! One more week of intense long training and the taper can begin. It doesn't seem possible!

July was a good month in terms of training totals. I'm a bit bummed with the swim totals, but I know I'll be alright. I have 4 weeks to get 2 more full 2.4's in and I think my confidence will be higher. I jumped in the Ohio river yesterday from the boat dock behind the Tumbleweed (yep, it's the hillbilly Ironman start). The water was warm. And green. Humph...

Anyway, totals for the month are:
Swim - 13,846 meters
Bike - 630.33 miles
Run - 101.4 miles

I had 6 rest days in there too.

I think I can do this...


Molly said...

You can DEFINITELY do it!!

Kim said...

girl, you are KILLING it out there!!! now rest those legs up!

Jon said...

Nice ride and NICE volume for the month! Holy crap you are SO ready to rock the Ironman! SO looking forward to reading your experience in a few weeks.

Christi said...

You will do awesome!

Judi said...

i'll be cheering for you!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice riding, you are fast, my century took 6 hours, you added 10 more miles in the 11 minutes. My knee hurt too, mine was at mile 52.

You are going to rock this race

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