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Friday, April 13, 2012

How Come...

... 60 degrees feels like an arctic blast?
... my cutie patootie dog feels the need to squeeze his plump bottom between things he doesn't fit in (ie between my desk and the wall)?
... I have been living in Georgia for nearly two weeks and I'm fairly certain a particular family member STILL doesn't know we moved? :)
... I can meet someone once, yet she and I can giggle for nearly an hour on the phone about a beaver? Yep, we're like 12 year old boys I guess!
... I walked outside the other night to check on my hubby who was cooking dinner, only to find him with a beer in his pocket and his bb gun out, shooting an empty can of beer off the fence?  His response when I told him he looked like a hill billy? "Naw, I'm straight Georgia now".
... there is a Mellow Mushroom 1.7 miles from my house and I've yet to go?
... there is a cupcake store next to said Mellow Mushroom that I've get to go to?
... I smile every time I see my bike hanging in the garage but have yet to ride it here?
... I hate running hills but have been LOVING my evening runs with the hubby on the hilliest routes I've ever run?
... there are people I left behind in Ohio who I said I'll probably never talk to again, yet they are still annoying me? Hahah... I can't escape.
... we only have one car leaving me "stranded" day in and day out, yet I'm dreading buying a new car?
... I'm totally in the mood to bake, but I'm certain I don't have sugar, flour, eggs, baking powder or a recipe that's calling my name?
... I bought a new skirt for the dirty girl, knowing it's just going to get covered in mud?
... I'm worried about what shirt will look cute with the above said skirt? :)
... I've met the 50 year old neighbors, the 88 year old neighbor, had dinner with the 70+ year old neighbors, but haven't had the courage to introduce myself to the two "young" couples on my court?

Anything you're curious about?  :)


Betsy said...

I didn't know about Mellow Mushroom til I moved to Denver. If you have a mellow mushroom and cupcakes I'm coming to visit!

At least you have oxygen with your new hilly routes. Mine didn't come with that luxury :)

Oh...and your hubby's beer and bb gun adventure cracked me up!!!

Karen said...

oh the cupcake store.... I went there a week ago for the first time. Highly recommend! All I want to do now is go back there. Trying to resist :)

Kristin Deaton said...

I'll bring you some baking resources!!

Jamie said...

I've only been to the mellow mushroom once in Nashville. LOVED it. Wish we had one up in Boston.

Take full advantage of it.

Unknown said...

Tom needs to know that being a straight Georgian IS GOING HILLBILLY to us Northerners!

Jon said...

Haha! Your husband and the BB gun....


Caroline said...

60 degrees feels like paradise to me!!! :)

TriMOEngr said...

How come you ask so many questions? LOL Here's my best answers:
- 60° feels cold when it has been nearly 90° lately; all relative
- Dogs are stupid, but cute
- Call said family member
- Beavers are funny
- Boys w/ bb guns never grow up (ie. MattyO and my 11 year old like the same stuff)
- Never been to MM or a "cupcake" store so I'm not much help
- Maybe you should ride your bike to MM and/or the cupcake place (which also addresses the "stranded" factor
- Running with your cute husband would make any girl enjoy hills
- Death is our only ally to ridding the world of annoying people
- Cool weather makes us want to bake; may I suggest cupcakes?!
- You must be making some $$ these days; I'm too cheap to risk new clothes or cute shirts at a mud race
- Old people will think you are awesome no matter what (how nice that you have sweet neighbors); I can imagine in your mind younger ones may "judge" your craziness - suck it up and meet them. I'm sure they'll be "wow'd" by you and Tom!


Ironman By Thirty said...

Can't you make Tom bike to work so you can keep the car??? I can't wait until we can get down to a single car. Just need one of them to break down.

I'm worried about what shirt will look cute with the above said skirt? <---- This sounds way too familiar.

Glad to hear that Tom is settling in :)

Matthew Smith said...

It sounds like Suwanee is the place to be with a Mellow Mushroom AND a cupcake place! Jenn LOVES cupcakes!!!

I've got a BB gun. Maybe Tom and I will have to do a little shootin'!

Why don't you get a crotch-rocket-murdercycle? Save a little gas, but I guess life is a little more important than that.

It sounds like you've got some pretty cool peeps on your street. They sound a little "experienced," but that can be a good thing.

I'm glad you guys are enjoying where you live! I can't wait till we're down there!!!

Christi said...

Okay, I now have a mental pic in my head of your hubby with the bb gun! Too funny!

I don't know what Mellow Mushroom is but I love the name!

DRog said...

SO very jealous
60 is an artic blast

you are already a southerner and ditched the cold of the midwest
j e a l o u s

sounds like you are getting settled in nicely!

Pschall said...

There is a Mellow Mushroom within 10 miles of my house...and I try to avoid it as much as possible. Their gluten free pizza rocks!

Enjoy those GA hills! Embrace the suck. :)

Aunt Nan said...

Dad can't wait to get that BB gun and an empty (or full) beer can together, along with Tom. That will be our time for shopping. Can't wait to see you. xoxox

Jason said...

Shooting BB Guns......hilarious......are you sure he wasn't trying to shoot dinner?

I'm curious why a week starts on Monday for some people and on Sunday for others? Can we just get a ruling and leave it at that? I'm voting Monday.


How come...
I think your 50 year old neighbors sound young?
Oh that's right, because I'm in between them and the 70 year olds...
(But I bet I can kick their butts in Ironman)

Matty O said...

60 is a shirtless run in Ohio!

Sorry to still annoy you since you moved... I promise I will try to stop ;) hahaha.

Yeah, I need to move to Georgia so I too am "normal" shooting shit in my backyard :)

Carolina John said...

Good Lord get to that Mellow Mushroom as fast as possible! WTH?

And Tom hasn't lost enough teeth to really be a Georgia Hillbilly. He's still just a straight southerner with behavior like that.

Molly said...

How come I finally just saw that Live Like a Honey Badger video on youtube this weekend? I've been living under a rock : )

Anne-Marie said...

Love the BB gun story!

I keep hearing about how great Mellow Mushroom is, but I've yet to come across one. Maybe this year in race travels??

Susan DeBruin said...

I am curious about running skirts. I have never worn one, and not sure what the pro's/con's would be vs. running shorts...? I mean, a definite pro would be looking cute for sure, but after that...?