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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I was tagged...

I was tagged by the one and only Heather-O!

The Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers (or as it stands now, have less than or more than 200!).  
The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.
Rules for receiving this award:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Then answer the questions the tagger sent for them, plus create 11 questions for the people they’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Notify the people you have tagged.
5. No tag backs. ;)
MY 11 things:
1. I'm craving the beach something fierce right now!
2. It's starting to get a little cooler and I can't wait to wear jeans. :)
3. I'm totally in love with pineapple Chobani yogurt right now.  I eat one every morning.
4. I am trying to cut out soda and I have a raging headache.  Damn you diet coke.
5. I finally cracked and read the Fifty Shade trilogy.  They were as bad as everyone told me they would be.
6. I have about 6 countdowns on my desk top right now and they all happen within the next three months!  Exciting times ahead.
7. I finally found tickets to a Zac Brown Band concert within driving distance.  We're all over that like white on rice!
8. Reece Pieces could possibly be the best candy ever invented.  I'm never NOT in the mood for them.
9. I still loathe the hills in Georgia... when will I learn to like them?
10. I'm going to miss going to the Delaware Fair this year.  It was such a great tradition for Tom and I.
11. I'm missing my REV3 family and can't wait to see them all soon.
Heather's questions for me:

1. Do you see yourself living at your current location for the rest of your life?  If not, where would you like to live? At this point, yep.  I used to joke when we were going through the whole moving process that once I found a house, I would die here simply because I never wanted to move again in my life.  At this point, I love the house, the neighborhood, the town, etc.  I can't see myself moving again.
2. What is your dream job? You mean, what do I want to be when I grow up?  Hum... I don't know.  I love working for myself so I'd probably want to keep doing that.  Maybe a travel agent, although I'd love to be one of those secret shoppers who gets paid to eat at restaurants and ask questions of the servers and then get paid to critique them.
3. What's your favorite thing about yourself (physical or psychological)? My ability to keep it real.  What you see with me is what you get.  I have never been one to be fake or to conform to what everyone else thinks is right.
4. What is your favorite food that if you could eat it everyday without gaining weight, you would?  Pasta and cheese, preferably out of the blue box with extra butter.  YUM!
5. What is your favorite sport to watch in the Olympics? This summer it was swimming.  Probably because it still boggles my mind that they swim at least twice as fast as me, if not more at every distance.
6. What is the sport you wish you could compete at in the Olympics (even if you have never played this sport in your life)? The floor routine of gymnastics.  How fun would it be to fly through the air? :)
7. What is your favorite workout? Depends on the day.  I love a nice flat ride with my friends, but I've been known to enjoy some trail running these last few months.
8. What is your favorite thing to do while riding the trainer indoors on a cold rainy day? Read People Magazine or what my taped DVR shows.  Anything to keep my mind off the fact that I'm on my trainer.
9. If you could go back in time and do one thing over or change one thing, what would it be? I would have kept my Organic Chem classes and gotten my minor in Chemistry.  I only had three classes and I probably could have made a lot of money being a drug pusher with a business AND chem degree.
10.  If there is a book and a movie that are the same, do you prefer to read the book or watch the movie, or both, and in what order? I'd watch the movie because it's faster and I tend to remember the characters better when I see them in person. :)
11. What is your favorite childhood memory? My parents always spoiled us with trips - we traveled all over as kids.  My favorite trip was the one out west when I was maybe 13.  We went to the Grand Canyon, on a Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, on a rafting ride and then to Vegas.  
 My questions for you:

1. What is your favorite pizza topping?
2. Why do you blog?
3. Going on a vacation and you can bring three people - who would you bring?
4. What's the best thing that's happened to you this year?
5. Do you have a secret that you've never told anyone?
6. What is the most amazing trip you've ever been on?
7. What keeps you motivated?
8. What's the one food you couldn't live without?
9. Do you watch reality tv and if so, what show is the best?
10.  Can a girl have too many shoes?
11. Sunny and hot or sunny and snowing?

Tag!  Your IT! (even if you have more than 200 followers - psssst... this might help you come back to bloggy land too if you are like me and taking a little break!):
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9. Kelly
10. Christi
11. Swim, Bike Mom


Heather-O said...

YAY! Thanks for playing along!

So many good points! Pineapple Chobani is by far the world's best yogurt! I still refuse to read 50 Shades. AND yay for Zac Brown. Matt and I were gonna go see them this summer, but tickets were too much $, so sad. HAVE FUN!!!

OH and ditto on the blue box blues!!!

Matthew Smith said...

I like that you're real all the time. That's how I roll too. Hey, let's go ride some of those Georgia hills sometime. I don't mind them too badly. Maybe I can get you to like them, and maybe you can get me back on the bike! :)

***Hi, Colleen's mom! I hope you are having a great day in Ohio! :) I know you read these comments. ***

Kristin said...

Hills are your friends! :) What sort of business do you run?

Aunt Nan said...

Yes, Matt, I read your comments and always enjoy. Ohio is good. Have a nice weekend. Colleen's Mom (Nancy)

Anne-Marie said...

Fun! I'm SO craving the beach right now... wish it were closer!!

Amy said...

Hey there, Pineapple lover. Did ya know that Pineapple now comes in 6pack cases? It's your lucky day! We'd love to send you one. Email fans[at]chobani dot com and get your spoon ready to dig in!


Jeff Irvin said...

"The floor routine in the Olympics"

hahaha! When I read that you were automatically inserted into my brain doing Will Ferrel's floor routine from "Old School" -- go watch it on YouTube and that will be the laugh of the day!!

Karen said...

Hey you lucky duck! I want a 6 pack of pineapple chobani too :) Seriously, now you give up diet coke? Right before beach time? I need to cut back too, maybe we can just limit our consumption this weekend!

Melissa C said...

I love wearing jeans too. I am roasting in them today, though! It has finally gotten a little cooler here, especially in the mornings, but by afternoon it is way to hot for them. Fun post! I am going to get back to reading/writing blogs again I hope!

Jimmy said...

I laughed out loud when i read the floor routine. I would have never guessed that one. Love it. That is the beauty of watching the summer and winter games- all of us have our own random favorites!