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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Breakdown of a Kingery run

Tom got home at 5am this morning from his athlete days with Team Type 1. He was in Phoenix for a few days and was supposed to be home yesterday around 11:30pm. He ended up missing a connection flight due to a delay on his first flight, caught a different flight to Indy, renting a car at 12:30 in the morning and then driving home, only to lose an hour due to daylight savings. We slept until 1:00 today. Need I say more?

So we wake up to a dreary Ohio day (shocker, I know). I knew we needed to get a run in but I was having one of those days. You know the ones. I was going to be a pain in the arse until I was done with the run and knew how good it would be for me. Tom convinced me to get 8 miles in and looking back, I have to laugh. We're not right. Here's what our run looked like...

Mile 1 - Tom telling me how bad his ankles have hurt this year during the first mile of all his runs. Must be his age. I'm sucking wind big time. Did I take a day off yesterday? Am I going to die?

Mile 2 - We start talking about Hawaii... anything to keep our minds off the fact that we're tired and wish we were still in bed.

Mile 3 - Tom makes some suggestions about what we should do in Hawaii - something along the lines of getting up the first day and running 13-14 miles to go pick up a rental car. I make every opposite suggestion I can, especially when it's about running to get a rental car. Can't we just pick it up the night we get there and pay $24 to park it overnight at the hotel?

Mile 4 - We start arguing about how the other always has to be right. Not even about Hawaii - about everything... cleaning the house, work, whatever...

Mile 5 - We exchange F*** you's. We don't mean it, but we are both so frustrated with the other (or the fact that we're 4 miles from home and it's gross out) We pick up the pace. We probably don't want to be running with each other and are trying to find a pace where the other will be dropped, but we keep in total sync.

Mile 6 - We talk about how we can never just talk and that if we want to be with a pushover or someone without an opinion, maybe we should speak up. Pace increases again. No losing the other person, no matter how hard we run.

Mile 7 - I have to stop for a minute because I feel like I'm hyperventilating because of holding back the tears. I cry. I tell Tom I'm sorry and that I'm just stressed. He tells me he loves me just the way I am. He's sorry too.

Mile 8 - We talk about what we're going to do in Hawaii, this time telling each other that our ideas are perfect, adding a few "I love you so much" lines every now and then.

We put the fun in dysfunctional! :) God I love him!


Liz said...

haha! Too funny! I seriously think the time change messes with everyone. It's like PMS on steriods or something!

teacherwoman said...

That is too funny! Glad to hear you were able to find the fun in the situation! :)

Danica said...

HA! I'm glad you guys are so insync with one another. LW and I exchanged a few of those 'f you's this weekend as well! Kids will do it to you!

Stevi N. Honaker said...

OMG I'M CRYING, CRYING I tell you. Oh heck Colleen that sounded the same argument Chris and I have (it's about the only thing we ever argue about though).

Now of course we wouldn't be running together, but you get the picture. You guys are right...marrying a pushover would have been no fun. OK I must go finish crying.

Judi said...

that's hilarious. too cute.

Dave said...

Hehe...Meredith and I NEVER EVER argue because we're both tired and hungry from our training schedule. ;)

Aunt Nan said...

The 3 words "I love you", always seem to solve problems. Say them often. xoxox Mom