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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You asked... I answered

I loved these questions and hopefully you'll have fun learning a little more about me.  Sorry it's so long... grab a drink and enjoy!!!

Jason asked (and of course Jeff wanted to know as well):  OK, so what happens if you are 103 miles into an IM and you have to poop? Do you push to the finish because it's only 9 miles longer and maybe 27-30 minutes to go? Or do you find that porto as quickly as possible? – I would definitely stop to go to the bathroom. You don’t need the extra weight on the bike! Plus, if you wait, you might end up sharting yourself which I’ve seen happen to others and that’s not cool… not cool at all.

Lauren and Anne Marie asked: How did Tom propose? On our one year anniversary of dating, we had taken a trip about an hour and a half south of Delaware to Hocking Hills.  We rented a cabin in the woods and planned on hiking for a day.  That morning, we got up, put shorts on (Tom had cargo shorts on) and he kept patting his pocket saying “got my keys”.  Weird… I never asked.  We got onto a trail and he kept looking around for a perfect place for lunch.  Finally he wandered off the trail because he thought he heard a waterfall.  We got there and he said that was the perfect place to eat.  He got really close to the waterfall and asked me to get the camera.  I turned my back to get it out of the bag and when I turned around, he was on his knee with the ring out.  After he asked and I sobbed and said “without a doubt”, we finished our hike and then back at the cabin, he had a dozen red roses, a bottle of Champagne and a wedding planning book for me that the cabin owner had put out.  We didn’t have any cell service so I couldn’t call anyone until the next day!

Jaime asked: Most embarrassing moment. Doesn't have to be tri related. :-) – It’s funny because off the top of my head I can’t think of any one instance.  When I was a kid, I remember being totally mortified when I called my second grade teacher mom in front of my class.

Kevin asked - I'm sure you probably covered this in a previous post somewhere, but how did you get started in this crazy sport? – I started running to help with the weight loss when I graduated college and started on weight watchers. Working out meant that I got extra weight watchers points each day. :)  I had signed up for a half marathon, with the goal of running and walking it.  Then I met Tom.  He was a runner already and I wanted to impress him.  I ran the whole half (big doings back then).  After a month of dating, he convinced me to run the Chicago Marathon with him.  We did that in October of 2003.  For the next few years, that’s all we did… one race each year.  I started getting really burned out, so my in-laws bought me a bike and I taught myself to swim.  In 2006, I did my first tri and haven’t looked back since.

Kristen (my sister!) asked - What is your favorite thing to do when you are not swimming, biking, or running? – I love to walk the dogs, shop, cook, hang out with friends and family, stalk everyone on blogger, facebook and twitter, nap and I’m a total reality tv show junkie – the trashier the tv, the happier I am.  Nothing wrong with the Real Housewives, 16 and Pregnant, the Bachelorette, Big Brother, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and all of the other train wrecks.  Makes me feel better about my life some days…

Alisa asked three: what made you decide to sign up for your first IM? – I had watched my husband train for IMFL in 2007 and did a lot of training with him that year in preparation for my first half Ironman.  I decided I would make the jump in 2008 if he crossed the finish line without needing medical help and wanting to do it again.  He crossed with a huge smile, I cried an amazing amount of tears, and then next morning we signed out lives away to WTC.
Do you and Tom want kids (Allison wanted to know this as well)? – Possibly… depends on the day. :)  While I think that Tom and I will be great parents, the thought of all that responsibility really freaks me out.  Like, a lot.  I’m worried that I will do something wrong and screw up their life forever and I will have no one to blame but myself. I’m kidding… kind of.  Seriously though – yes, some day I see us having one child.  I can’t tell you when that will be. I have a lot of freedom, being a business owner and triathlete.  My life would do a 180 and I guess I’ll be ready when it happens, but not just yet!
Do have or have you ever considered hiring a coach? If so, what are the pluses and minuses in your opinion? - Yes, I have considered hiring a coach.  But honestly, the money has always stopped me.  Tom and I have a great thing going.  We follow a structured plan that throws a little of everything at us and we keep each other accountable.  We've seen improvements each year and I enjoy it.  If I ever want to take my training to the next level, I'll probably re-evaluate the coach thing. :)  I think there are definitely pluses and minuses - for me, I think it would be great for someone with a lot of knowledge to give me specific workouts to hit my goals, as well as the accountability.  I worry at times that I wouldn't have the flexibility that I have now though and part of me has held back because of this.  I hear about people who's coaches won't let them race or train with other people and that's just not how I roll.  If I ever got a coach, we'd have to sit and talk a lot about what I would want from them! :)

Jennifer asked two: What are a couple things on your bucket list? (does not have to be sports/endurance related) – I want to travel back to Europe with Tom.  I studied abroad when I was in college at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands.  I want to show him the place that shaped a lot of my life.  I want to see a stage (or three weeks worth) of the Tour de France.  I want to sail with Tom to the French Polynesia again because my 2 weeks on a 41 foot catamaran through Tahiti and Bora Bora were amazing, but missing my best friend!.
If you could do ANY race ANY where in the world regardless of cost/logistics/etc. what would it be?  - Hum… this is a tough one!  I’d love to do Ironman New Zealand.  I’ve heard that New Zealand is amazing and what better way to see part of it than by swimming, biking and running the land! :)  The Big Sur Marathon would also be pretty cool

Big Daddy Diesel asked these:
How did you and Tom become such studs on the bike?
- T.I.T.S and Intervals. Lots of both.  And always riding with someone faster than you.  I ride with Tom.  He rides with the boys on Tuesday nights.  We both get pushed to go faster.  I like to bike fast in races because I like to chick boys.  There… I said it. :)
If you couldn’t do sbr, what activities would you think you would end up doing as a hobby? – We would never be inactive.  I’d probably buy a kayak.  I don’t know if I like to kayak as I’ve only been once, but we have a lot of water around us and that sounds fun.    I could probably get into hiking too, but honestly there isn’t much to hike here in Ohio.
Do penguins have knees? – No.  That’s why they waddle.

Kovas asked: I'd like to hear about Team Type 1 and the run across the states! Maybe a guest post and then you don't even need to do the work. :) – I told Tom that you’d like to learn more about this and I’ll definitely have him do a guest post.  In the meantime, Team Type 1 is a group of professional and amateur cyclists, triathletes and runners, men and women, living and racing with diabetes.  They travel all over the country spreading the message that Type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to be a limiter.  Their mission is “We strive to instill hope and inspiration for people around the world affected by diabetes. With appropriate diet, exercise, treatment and technology, we believe anyone with diabetes can achieve their dreams”.  They have a pro men’s team (not all of them are diabetics) based in Europe, but you see them in races like the Tour of California, Tour de Suisse, and Tour de Beauce, racing with the big names.  Their goal is to get a diabetic rider in the Tour de France in the next few years.  The team started when they formed an 8 man team for the Race Across America.  They raced RAAM 5 years, won 3 years, set the world record for the fastest average speed (23.41mph) and fastest time  (5 days, 9 hours and 5 minutes) and these weren’t the pro guys.  My hubby did the race two years (when they set the WR!!!) and after talking to the founder, decided to dabble in something new.  So Tom formed a running team, found 10 guys who thought it would be fun to run from California to New York City and will start the trek in October.  They are hoping to finish in 15 days and will finish the race in NYC on World Diabetes Day.  All 10 runners are type 1 diabetics and will be managing their disease as they run the 2800 miles in a relay fashion, 24/7.  If you’d like the check out their website, it’s www.teamtype1.org (the web guy that designed the site is a pretty cool hubby guy too!)

MattyO always has great questions: I asked a bunch of questions at dinner earlier this spring... let's see... ... ...
Is training and working with your spouse difficult? Do you ever feel its TOO MUCH time together? (My honest answer is I love it... curious though) – I love it. 
You can’t be kind of ho hum about working and training with your spouse.  You either love it or like most people we hear from, absolutely couldn’t do it.  Now I’m not saying that there aren’t times when I just need some “me” time without the hubs, but it works for us 99.9% of the time!  It was an adjustment (I quit my job to work with him one week before our wedding).  We have separate duties/jobs though, and two desks, so there are many days that we sit down and don’t really say much to each other until our work is done.  As for training…we’ve always trained together. We have our separate goals and Tom probably pushed me a bit more than I push him, but it works.  We do everything as a team – we fight the hard days together and we celebrate the victories together.
I like Jason's question... – I figured you would…
Where do you see yourself right now had you not gotten into triathlons? – I would have been injured.  For sure.  And burned out of running.  :)  I’m just not a person who absolutely gets lost in a run.  It’s a mental battle many days and triathlon helps to mix things up for me. 
Why do you still live in Ohio (I know Miss Zippy and Jeff both want to know this too)? I don’t know.  I like it during May, June, and October.  But, I can take my business anywhere that there is a post office so we often find ourselves wondering why we put up with the other nine months that we dispise.  I guess I’m too much of a family person and haven’t found the courage to move away from my family.  Although I know that they would visit and would only be a call away, I just haven’t been able to accept the distance yet. Maybe someday soon…
Do you ever feel pressured to perform well in events because Tom is a speedy McSpeederson? (not saying you AREN'T Ms. Speedy, since he is a machine does that affects your competitive drive). -  I have one goal this year and it’s to beat him in just one discipline of a tri… transitions don’t count.  I’m getting closer in the swimming, but since he only swims on race day and I swim 2-3 times a week and he’s still beating me, the future looks gloomy.  No pressure though… I know he’s a stud and I would never want him to lose confidence in his abilities if his wife beat him.  He doesn’t get chicked all that often…

Marci asked: Being the bookworm I am I have to ask... What is your most favorite book you've ever read? -  I have to admit that I didn’t get the English teacher genes that my sister inherited.  I  think one of the best books I ever read was The Last Lecture.  Just such a good story.  I will admit, I love me some Chick-Lit books though – like reality tv… the trashier the better.  I really like Jane Green’s books.  And Meg Cabot. Nothing real intellectually stimulating there… but good reads!

Robyn asked: Since it's 95 degrees here... What's your favorite winter workout? – We are gym rats in the winter.  I love doing spin classes and have often thought about getting my certification to be an instructor.  We usually do bricks in the winter… run on the track a few fast miles, hop on the spin bike for an hour and then run another mile or two.  Great two hours that keep us ready to compete when the season starts!

Molly asked: I always have food on the brain....so what would your last meal be?!?!? – Mmmmmmm food… I knew I loved you for a reason Molly.  My last meal… well, it would definitely involve Mac and Cheese.  I think I’d probably want to start with an appetizer of spinach and artichoke dip (with chips, not bread to dip).  For the main course, I’d want mac and cheese, a cheeseburger and a side of crispy salty fries.  For dessert… a sugar cookie cake with icing, all to myself. I would drink diet coke.  Note… veggies wouldn’t be involved in the last meal.  At all.

Allison asked: I was actually going to send you a message about this. Just starting running, as you know, and yesterday I had my first day with really lead-filled legs. Seriously just couldn't get moving after our walk (supposed to run 10 min., walk 3 min., run 10 min.). How do you get through this? Any tricks? – First off, I’m loving that you are running and yes, I’ve been through many many runs with the deadlegs.  Actually, most runs start that way! :)  Not what you wanted to hear is it?  Someone once told me that the first three miles are the hardest and that most people don’t get past that point because they don’t have the patience.  I agree.  For me, it takes about three miles to really get in a groove (some days it’s faster than that… some days longer)  If I really have dead legs, I just tell myself, make it 10 more minutes.  If I still feel like crap, maybe my body is trying to tell me that I need to rest.  I would say 98% of the time, I’m totally fine to keep plowing through after 10 minutes.  There really isn’t a trick, but hopefully you know that you aren’t alone!!!!  Remember… you are getting stronger every step you take!

Chris had some good ones (and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write these answers):
What is the meaning of life?
– Hell if I know what the meaning of life is, but I live by the motto of “he with the most toys wins”.  You learn that in Kindergarten.  That’s why I can’t let go of my bikes…
What is the secret to being happy? – Cheese and diet coke and iced sugar cookies
What is the secret to a good relationship? – My mom reads this blog so I’ll say honesty and open communication.
Can I steal this idea for my blog? - Of course!
If the answer to #4 is yes, can you tell your other readers that only I can do it? – No one can steal this idea unless Chris gives you permission to do so. :)

Richelle asked: How did you and Tom meet? – Match.com.  Seriously… he’s the best $24.99 I’ve ever spent!  My friend and I joined as a joke because it was fun to come home from the bars, call each other and compare the nutjobs that would write to us, trying to woo us with their cheesy lines.  My friend was “matched” with Tom (the site would tell us who were good picks for us).  She totally wouldn’t have been his type, but forwarded it on to me with a note saying “seriously… this guy is perfect for you”.  I emailed him, he wrote back, we ended up having some common friends, I waited 3 weeks to give him my phone number (because he could have been a psycho), but on the night of our first “blind” date, I knew that I’d marry him someday.

Wes asked: how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop? – The commercial says 4.  It usually takes me more, but I don’t like the candy getting stuck in my teeth when you bit into it.  By the way, only the chocolate ones are good. :)

Rebecca asked: When are you coming to Italy ?! – I would fly there tomorrow if I won the lottery.  I’ll keep playing!  Maybe we can do the 70.3 with you there next year (wouldn’t that be awesome!!!)

Lindsay asked: what was your first race?! EVER! – I think I ran the Race for the Cure, but I don’t remember.  I know my first race that I trained for was the Indy 500 Festival Half Marathon.  I was planning on walking/running it, but then ran the whole thing to impress Tom. J  I finished in 2:12:18.

Thanks for playing! :)


Lauren said...

I love this post! I may steal the idea- after asking Chris first, of course ;)

Only 1 year of dating?! Phil needs to get his act together because we are 2 weeks from our 3 yr! Not like I'm counting or anything :)

Kris said...

This is a very cool idea! Um, for the un-initiated...what is T.I.T.S. in relation to getting faster on the bike? I googled, but I can't click through on *those* links at work. ;)

Jon said...

Ah nuts! I totally blew it on asking you a question.

Was gonna ask: "How are you and your husband SO awesome?"

Great post idea!

Patrick Mahoney said...

All of those are great questions, love the answers too...

Beal88 said...

I really enjoy your post. Great idea!

Caroline said...

this was a great idea!!!
I enjoyed it a lot!

Chris K said...

I was cracking up reading this. Cute and clever idea. I am so glad you gave me exclusivity to copy the idea. Of course I will give you full credit :-)

Maybe your Mom doesn't read the Comments...so what's REALLY the secret to a long and happy relationship?

Molly said...

cheese...dip....fries...chocolate..cue the Homer Simpson drool : )

Loved reading more about you & Tom and your races! Great idea for a post : )

Annie said...

What an awesome idea. Great, honest answers!

Richelle said...

Great post! I really enjoyed learning more about you and Tom.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Great post! Loved reading all the answers :)

I was actually just talking to a guy (retired pro) in Madison who was from New Zealand. That race sounds absolutely fantastic!

Kristin said...

Great Post! I'd have to say most days I like training with my honey but some days I want to be alone!!

Matthew Smith said...

Loved it! Your proposal story sounds a whole lot like mine and Jenn's. She said "Are you sure?" I'm rooting for you to beat Tom in the swim soon! :)

Matty O said...

:) Favorite line, "He was the best $24.99 I ever spent" CLASSIC!

This is why we hit it off so well in Glass City, could relate 100% to your answers.

Great idea for a post ;)

Hope all is going well! I sent you guys an invite for the Rev3 training day, Heather and I will be up there and they have Fast groups and Slower groups. So if Tom wants a good century workout, that would be the best place to do it!!!

Tri4Success said...

Great post. Great answers!

@Kris - I may have gotten my biggest laugh at the thought of you googling T.I.T.S. at work. (Time In The Saddle, by the way)

She said I need a goal said...

see what happens when you are behind in reading blogs? You miss getting in on the good stuff. I love this post, really fun to get to learn more about. NOW I have a question though.

Can I come for your last supper, it sounds amazing. I'll bring wine!

Christi said...

I love the idea for this and may have to steal it for my blog.

I love the keys to happiness but I would have to say it is "lemon pound cake!"

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL!! "He was the best $24.99 I ever spent" love it

Great post

Heather-O said...

Excellent post Colleen! You crack me up! Love your answers and love that you are so "real"!

Emz said...

such an awesome post.

and the secret to happiness.

Freaking loved this.

Cheese and diet coke and iced sugar cookies----awesome :)

Anne-Marie said...

awesome, awesome post!! so fun to read!

I'm also wondering what T.I.T.S. is in relation to cycling? I googled it and was afraid to click on the first site- biketits.com which said "bikes and babes"...

Thanks for sharing the proposal story - very cute! :)

Also, loved the comment about liking to "chick boys" on the bike. Me too! I love passing guys in races and getting comments like "You go, girl!" (I've actually gotten those from guys before, haha).

Rebecca said...

Awesome post, it allowed me to procrastinate more from cleaning... thanks for that too!

I agree with all the above comments on how hilarious some of your comments were. And yes, it would be TOTALLY awesome for you guys to do the Italy 70.3 with us... I mean it is only 30 min from Rome too... :)

DRog said...

what a Q&A!!! totally awesome

interesting on the training with your spouse - so works for you guys

lock on the reality tv
Celeb Rehab = great TV!


Mark said...

This was absolutely hysterical! Thanks for sharing. Do penguins have knees? HAHAHAHAHA... Love it!

Please do this again—very entertaining, and thanks for sharing so much of yourself!

Mark said...

p.s. my wife did not want kids until she met me. We have five. You will make mistakes like the rest of us, but they are great fun and say the funniest stuff you have ever heard.

Kovas said...

The Team Type 1 website is really awesome looking and full of great info as well - thanks!

Wes said...

I enjoyed this very much. Nice job!! :-)