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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A. Rod's ball

I'm clearing out my camera to take to Ohio with me this weekend and I realized that I'm a little behind on blog posts to go along with my pictures. :)

So last week, Tom and I went to our first Atlanta Braves game.  They were playing the NY Yankees and seeing the Yankees has been a bucket list item for Tom for a while.  We got on stubhub and found some great seats right on the first base line, 8 rows from the field with a parking pass.  SCORE!
It was a gorgeous night and besides the annoying girl who clearly thought she was too cool for school by being a Yankee fan next to us, we had a great time.  We couldn't believe how many people at the stadium were Yanks fans actually.  It felt like we were at a home game for them.  We sported out new Braves attire though and participated in the traditional braves chop.  It was fun.
So before the game, Tom warned me that we were in foul ball territory and that if I were to be playing on facebook on my phone during the game (he knows me pretty well), to always just be aware.  And he was right, there were quite a few balls that came in our general vicinity.  Then in the 8th, A. Rod was up and cranked one waaaaaaaay high above our section.  We all stood, stupidly thinking "yeah, I'll catch this pop fly with my bare hands" they way all fans do (which is really dumb in theory, but whatever).  The ball goes higher and higher and then stops and starts it's descent.  It was one of those whistling speed popups.  And it was coming right to me.  I was all excited until I realized that the ball was going to hit me smack on the head if I wasn't careful and that it was coming REALLLLLLLY fast.  So I did what any girl would do - I ducked and covered my head.  The ball hit my seat, bounced under Tom's chair and some kid behind us snagged it.  Tom thought I had gotten hit.  I think a lot of people thought that.  Immediately the security people were down at my row to make sure that I was alright.  The guy behind me was holding his hand and I turned to ask if he was alright.  He had saw the ball coming and thought that it would hit me so put his hand out.  It was coming so fast that the ball cut his hand.  But he deflected it. 

I laughed to Tom saying that A. Rod's ball almost landed on my head (which he didn't find amusing - yeah I'm like a 10 year old boy sometimes).  I was bummed that I didn't get the ball for Tom but he made a good point that if I had tried to catch it, I probably would have done some damage to my hands.  Doh.  The next pitch A. Rod hit a Grand Slam. :)  It was a fun game, even though the Braves lost.
Oh and most about the annoying girl next to me who knew every one's name on the Yankees (I don't think she really did... she had to read the scoreboard every time before she yelled... what a poser).  She she's sitting there with her boyfriend friend casual sex partner a guy and a vendor walks by with frozen slushies.  He says that he really wants one (this is the same guy who was downing a funnel cake when we got to our seats).  Anyway, this girl does one of those "ugh, really?" kind of things and then proceeds to tell him how horrible they are and how they are loaded with sugar.  I thought to myself, good for her... teaching this young man something.  Then I turn to see her explaining this as she's eating a full bag of cotton candy.  Serious. 

So I mentioned that I'm heading back to Ohio this weekend for a visit.  I'm excited to see my momma (it's her birthday on Saturday) and dad.  I'm SUPER excited to see my sister (and brother-in-law of course), but my sister has lost 40 pounds!  I am totally not going to be able to recognize her.  That's an amazing thing.  And I get to see my mother-in-law, my dear friend Nicole (who I totally conned into doing a tri with me on Sunday morning in exchange for some Noodles and Company Mac and Cheese), and my second family, the Austomes ... Jim, Zach and Tracy.  It's going to be a busy, but fun weekend.  It's hard for me to be gone from Tom for 5 days though, but I made him these to make up for me being gone.
I'm sure he'll be booking me flights more often to see the family! :)


Steve said...

Have a fun weekend. :)

The Yankees travel well. They have a lot of fans to all their away games.

Yankee fans are all pretty weird though if my memory serves. ;)

TriMOEngr said...

I don't think you and Tom could be more cute if you tried. Have a great trip. Looking forward to hearing about the tri.

Anne-Marie said...

Crazy about A Rod's ball! I would've done the same duck & cover tactic (plus a squeal, I'm sure)... glad you didn't get hit!!

Have a fun trip to Ohio!!

Matthew Smith said...

Hooray for Braves games, and future games with the Smiths in attendance too. I'm glad you didn't end up getting smacked by A-rod's ball. (It's hard to say that without laughing even if Tom doesn't find it funny.)

Good luck in Ohio. You're going to do great! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Rebecca said...

That was an exciting blog post! I am also glad you didn't try and grab that ball and I would have done the same thing, duck and cover for sure! That photo of you two in your seats is so cute and the slushie vs cotton candy episode is hilarious!!! Ahhh, youth. ;)

Um, those cookies look amazing!

Brook said...

Hi there! I found your blog through the Blog Train. It is so nice to "meet" you! I look forward to reading your posts. Best wishes.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Boo Yankees! You would have been obligated to throw A-Rod's ball back on the field if you caught it anyways ;) haha

Great picture of you two at the game!

Have fun this weekend!

Jason said...

You didn't want that cheaters ball anyway.....yes I am a Mets fan....haha!

And at IMAZ I will leave you for around 11-12 hours so can I get some cookies there too?

Betsy said...

I was all prepared to read about how you snatched the ball out of thin air with your barehand. But I think ducking was a better choice :)

Kim said...

Go yanks! If arods ball touched your head, i would send you to the dr to be tested ;)

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