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Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday thoughts

  • First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for your kind words about Buddy.  It's been nearly a week and a half and it is getting easier, although I still have cried at least once a day because of something that reminds me of him.  
  • Tom and I keep saying that we are getting used to our "new normal".  Long walks with Charlie, eating a calm meal, less barking when a truck/squirrel/leaf goes by our house.  It's not better, it's not worse, it's just the new normal.
  • I got to cheer on some friends racing last weekend... always fun!  And let me tell you - I have some amazingly kick ass friends.  Holy smokes are they fast.  And powerful.  And mentally strong.  Each one of them did amazing and it was such a pleasure to stand at the 5,8,18 and 21 mile mark of the run yelling and screaming for them!  You girls all did amazing - congrats!
  •  So now we're getting ready to head to Tempe for IMAZ.  Tom and 6 of his teammates are racing.  I'm excited because I've never been to Tempe, and it'll be great knowing people out there on the course throughout the day.  Plus I get to meet Jason and Emz which pretty much makes my weekend complete!
  • Can you believe the holidays are coming so fast.  I need to buy my turkey next week (because, as you know, the Kingery's do it right with like a 13 pounds turkey for the two (well three including Charlie) of us. :)  And I'm already so excited to decorate the house for Christmas.  We're pretty much starting from scratch this year with the new house which is fun and overwhelming.
  • Speaking of Christmas decorations, for those of you that do a tree - real or "permanent"?  We have always had an artificial tree and left it when we moved, thinking we'd get one down here.  They are no hassle, I can keep it up as long as I want, etc.  But dang... they have gotten REALLY expensive (or maybe my taste has improved).  We are considering a real one, but oh the hassle.

Finally, I wanted to leave you with a review of a product that I'm loving.  I try not to tout products that I'm not in love with, but I'll give anything a fair shot.  A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to try out a pair of Saucony Triumph 10's. I've never run in Saucony shoes before, but I know a ton of friends that have and swear by them.  I'm always on the lookout for a neutral cushioned trainer so I jumped at the chance to try these shoes out before they launched.  I had all intentions of getting a review up before their launch date (November, 1st), but with shoes, I want to really get a feel for them... put some good miles in them and see how I like them.

My package came in the mail about 3 weeks ago and they looked amazing from the start (I'm a sucker for shoes that look good...)  I put them on and they were really comfortable right out of the box.  Usually I don't need to "break in a shoe" and these were no different.  I wore them the night I got them on a 5 mile run and they were amazingly comfortable.  Lots of cushion, not a lot of weight. No blisters.  No rubbing.

Since then I've run probably 20 miles a week in them.  I've taken long walks in them.  I've worn them on the beach, in my house, on the trails, to the store.  I love them.

The description on their website is perfect - "Form and function strike a perfect balance in the new Triumph 10. Breathable open mesh and supportive underlays provide a clean, modern look while securing the foot to the platform. The redesigned crashpad features three fully-decoupled, independently responsive pods for a smooth landing and efficient transition. Deeper flex grooves in the forefoot add flexibility and PowerGrid™ midsole technology provides a plush ride for the runner seeking a cushioned feel. Weight: 9.2oz."

AKA... little pillows for my feet.
I'm sold.  

The only thing that I am changing about them (and I do this with all of my shoes) is I'm adding quick laces.  This isn't anything against Saucony or the Triumph itself.  It's just a personal preference as a triathlete to be able to just slip on my shoes. 

Thank you Saucony and FitFluential for the chance to review these for you.  I was given these shoes at no cost to me and the opinions stated here on my blog are solely my own.


Matty O said...

We have an artificial tree, soooooo much easier to put it up and decorate.

Kristin Deaton said...

I love my real tree. SO much fun to go and pick one out and don't have to worry about if we lost a piece and it smells wonderful in the house. and guess what when you are done you just put to your curb and it gets picked up to be recycled. Who doesn't like the smell of Christmas all Christmas Season.

Oh and as for your monsterous turkey I'm sure Charlie will help you eat it. Or save the left overs and I'll help you create a great southern tradition with Marshall Fields Sandwiches :-)

Kim said...

I caught that :) i always get a real tree, just for the 1 of me :) talk soon sister! Xoxo

Carolina John said...

I know you had a bunch of fun down in PCB, but why weren't you racing again? and did you sign up for next year?

Meredith said...

Welcome to the saucony club. You'll love them and never go back.

Big lots is currently having a sale in fake, pre lit christmas trees. I bought one yesterday for $50.

Anonymous said...

I'll be volunteering at IMAZ-I'll be at aid station 2 from 10-1

Lauren Bogenberger said...

Hey Colleen, I am racing IMAZ! We should try and meet up. I will be decked out in Rev3 stuff so look for me on the course! Again, sorry about Buddy.

Anne-Marie said...

I'll be in Tempe too... hopefully we get a chance to meet!! I'm sure our schedules will be busy but if you'd want to plan to meet up to grab food or something, let me know! :)

TX Runner Mom said...

We have an artificial tree. We always had a real one growing up and the pine needles everywhere were a pain in the rear. I love my fake tree! :-)

Kelly Covert said...

We have an enormous 12 foot tall artificial tree AND we always cut down a real tree...we do Christmas right in our house!! :)

Matthew Smith said...

Those shoes are mighty good lookin'! Nice Swiftwicks. Jenn has the same pair. The "New Normal" will probably get easier as time goes on. You've got so many good memories of him. :) Jenn and I are trying to figure out the Christmas tree thing this year too. We have a fake one, and that's prolly what we'll do with the craziness of the baby... We did see a Christmas Tree farm fairly close by a couple weeks ago. Maybe you, me, Jenn and Tom should go find us a couple of trees! That'd be a fun double date! :)

T said...

we went for longterm savings with a fake tree. target black friday? yep, that's what we did. everyone else went for tvs; we went for a tree.

the hubby and i are at imaz this year volunteering EVERYWHERE. bike check in, wetsuit stripping, sunscreening, run aid 7. hoping to register for next year ...

Ironman By Thirty said...

Have fun in AZ!!!!! That should be a blast!

We just did our annual Kingery-inspired turkey dinner last night. 14 pounder for 3 of us (we had my mom over).

Real tree. No question. Well worth the hassle to have your entire house smell like a fresh pine tree.