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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The power of the Ironman

I never realized the power of the Ironman until I signed up for it. Back in November when I paid my $500 to race, I knew what I had signed up for, respected the distance, but didn't really think that it could affect my life ALL that much until I experienced it first hand. Now in the second week of our training program, I beg to differ.

Every time I'm swimming my ladders, every time I'm powering up a hill into the wind on Mrs. Felt Good, every time I'm pushing myself for a PR on a run, I'm thinking about the Ironman. I'm thinking about the goals I've set for myself for this coming year. I'm thinking about the power I'm gaining. I think about the excitement that I'll feel seeing my 13 or so family members at the swim start, the bike dismount, miles 4/9/17/24 of the run, and the finish line. I think about the pride I'll feel to be one of the few women who have taken on the challenge head on and kicked it's arse! There really isn't a time that I'm not thinking about what the Ironman race will be like for me.

And you know what... I LOVE IT! It's such a powerful motivator and I love how it makes me work just a tad harder. This is my year - a year for growing, getting stronger and gaining the confidence in myself that I may have lacked in the past. This is my year - to be an Iron Diva!


Anonymous said...

Its all about the journey. Love you IronDiva!

Molly said...

Take Care!

Steve Stenzel said...

It's an addictive lifestyle!......

It's easy to get used to.

Kristen said...

You are incredible. That's all I have to say!!!

Borsch said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! Keep that positive mindset and you'll do just fine! I did the same thing last year when I signed up for my first half-marathon, never having run more than 3 miles. Working towards that 1 race kept me focused, motivated and commited to putting in the work.

Enjoy the addiction!

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