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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Slowly but surely

I'm getting into the grove of training. I find myself exhausted come bed time, but I know that with time, that will get better!

We had a great weekend - very productive for an early April Ohio weekend! It was BEAUTIFUL first and foremost which is wonderfully exciting. We spend tons of time outside getting the house put together a little - painted shutters, got the yard and flower beds cleaned up a bit, planted a few little baskets here and there, cleaned the garage, etc. It was so nice to finally be able to move outside and not be stuck indoors wishing to go outside! :) Now if we can just get the weather and higher temps to stay, I'll be a happy girl.

Of course with the beautiful weather came outdoor training (FINALLY!!!) We got a short 8 miler in on Sunday, although my knee's been bothering me a bit so I took it slow and am staying off of it pretty much until this weekend when we have a half marathon. Yesterday was the best though - we got up early, filled orders, and then popped the biked on our new roof racks and drove them to Alum Creek. We left from there and did a 72 mile ride. It was close to 80 degrees, sunny, and the roads and bike paths were pretty much barren! It was a great confidence booster early in the season to be able to hop on our bikes and just ride 70 miles. The only thing I don't suggest is riding until your famished, inhaling a 6" subway and 2 cookies, then thinking that you can just get back on your bike for the last 36 miles! :) Didn't work well for me. We laughed about how many people we're "sick" yesterday in Columbus... the golf courses were definitely crowded!!! Tom and I both came home looking like we'd been playing in the sun. If we had desk jobs at a corporation and had called in sick for the day we'd have so been busted!!!

So now I sit looking at the rain. Oh well... guess it'll help me stay inside and get some work done.

The joys of being a business owner!!!


Molly said...

YEA pretty weather!
We are getting the rain tomorrow night.Friday. I hear that we wil have wind chills on Monday - my fault fr buying flowers Sunday!
Great workouts! You amaze me!
Take Care!

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