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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cinco de Mayo Quatro Miler Report

I have to start by saying I fully feel that I'm in Ironman training. We did the 4 mile race yesterday but ran 4 miles BEFORE leaving the house. That's how I know that I'm doing an Ironman. In the past, I would have run my 4 miles and just come home - no need in wasting extra energy right? Onto the race -

The weather was horrible yesterday here in C-bus. Rainy, windy, yuck! Very typical of most race days though. My mom and dad were debating whether or not they would come out for it. About 2 hours before the race, the skies cleared and it was beautiful. Maybe luck was going to be on our side. I felt kind of blah all day though and our 4 miles prior to the race were nothing to gawk over. We headed to the race site, got there super early and met mom and dad. It was still super windy, but at least the sun was shining and it was warm enough to be in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Tom left us when we were waiting around and ran another 2 miles before the race (he's a nut like that and can't stand still). We lined up when they told us to and took off. I've run the course before and it's nice - on a trail and in a park. I felt really good and was just kind of in my groove. Tom ran with me, but kind of just let me lead the pace depending on how I felt (which he usually does - he's good like that). I got to the first mile and my watch said 8:52. Hum... not bad especially since I didn't really feel like I was pushing it. Tom had the Garmin and said that at one point he saw us running a 7:30. Anyway, the race went well, I felt great and I finished in 34:48! My splits were:

Mile 1 - 8:52
Mile 2 - 8:49
Mile 3 - 8:43
Mile 4 - 8:23

That was definitely a PR for me and I was so excited. We sat around at the finish and waited for my mom and dad who were walking/running. My mom wanted to finish in under 52 minutes and I think they came in at 51:13. They did AWESOME! We all went inside, enjoyed some margaritas, chips and salsa (some of us had a few more than others, right dad and Tom?!) and came back to our house. We enjoyed just relaxing for the evening, all with smiles on from the excitement of good races!

Now we're off to complete our "rest week" with a 2.5 hour bike. This coming week is a long one - 16.5 hours I think. And the countdown is on - only 180 days until IMFL. I'm getting so excited!!!


Molly said...

When I did the first 5K, three weeks ago, there were a group of guys who did the 5K to warm up for the 10K. I am impressed that you are in that same catagory!
Sounds like a great family event! And your time was AMAZING! I look forward to times like that...before the end of the year anyway!
Take Care!

Mom said...

Funny how everything is in perspective. You and Tom run an awesome race in wonderful time, and Dad and I are thrilled to finish in under 52 minutes. But it's given Dad a new faith in himself that the 10K races and then the half marathon in October are duable for him, and I'll be with him every step of the way. Great race, you two! You're amazing.
Love you, Mom xoxoxox

Borsch said...

Awesome, inspring race report!

have a great week!

Lauren said...

Great Job Colleen! You are the queen of negative splits!

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