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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I have my work cut out for me!

The results are in from the Cinco de Mayo run and I came in 4th out of 45 girls in my age group! :) That made me happy! I'm slowly getting closer and closer to the top three. I'm anxious to see where my competitiveness takes me next year. I had a couple of top 5 placings last year, but usually there were only 10 or so in my age group! HA! Oh well.

We did a 21.75 mile sprint yesterday on the bike (well sprint for me... Tom was just lolly gagging next to me or so it seemed). He said that he could definitely see improvement in my bike - we averaged a little over 18.5mph, although it was a little windy and then ran a 3 miler averaging 9:01. I'm hoping that I can keep up as the season goes on and fatigue sets in a little more! :)

Wendy's International Tri is our first race and it's on June 15th. Last year I finished the tri (0.5 mile swim, 16.8 mile bike, 3.1 mile run) in 1:36:48 (swim = 13:44, bike ave. = 18.47mph, run pace = 8:47). That was good enough for 9th out of 35. I'm really going to have to push it to break that this year. Guess my work's cut out for me!


Molly said...

4th out of 45 is great!
You are on your way to a great Wendy's Tri!
Take Care!

Jillian and Sam said...

You will do well! We know it!

Borsch said...

4th...wow...awesome job! Good luck with the tri.

Wingman said...

Sounds like your training is going great!!!! Just keep pushing Tom, I know he has some motivation issues ;).

I was worried too about just getting into the high teens of workouts but my coach PROMISES me that I'm right on schedule for a strong Ironman - I of course am freaking out!

c.age10 said...

I ran the race too
! I am only ten though. I came in at 34:43. Hope you had a great time

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