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Monday, May 26, 2008

Is it Sunday or Monday?

While I love holiday weekends, it throws me off completely! For the rest of the week, I'll be thinking it's yesterday (if you can follow me on that one!) We had a great weekend though so I can't complain. Here's some stuff that's been going on:
  • This weekend we did an 85 mile ride on Saturday. At the half way point, Tom looked at me and said "this is probably the hardest ride I've ever done". Although Ohio tends to be pancake flat (at least in our part of the woods) we somehow found hills, and lots of them. Oh and the wind (I'll get to that in a minute). We had a good ride, but we're happy to be home after 85. We averaged a little over 17.2mph and we were really pleased with that. The runs Sunday and this morning were fun too - still felt those hills! :)
  • Speaking of wind though - if you are doing IMFL this year, I'm apologizing in advance. It will be windy and miserable so prepare yourselves. It's become a known fact that if I'm on the bike, it will be MUCH windier (is that a word?) than the always accurate weather report. And if you have a headwind and are on an out and back course, the wind will shift so that you get a headwind on the way back too. So I just wanted to give you a heads up so you can train for the wind. It will be swirling in PCB on November 1st. Last year was perfect because I wasn't doing it!
  • So we rode this weekend to the Utica Ice Cream Festival. It's a little Podunk kind of festival, you know the ones with pageant queens and greasy food. Gotta love it. Tom's dad's band was playing so it made for a nice stop at 42.5 miles. We sat around and I got molested by an 85 year old man who was part blind. He was cute at first, talking to Tom and I about how built Tom was and that we'll have 3 kids because he can see the happiness in my eyes (I thought that maybe he was not all there mentally so I humored him, as did Tom) He then asked me to dance with him and I agreed but when he starting making comments about putting his leg between my thighs and removing his keys from his pocket so I didn't get poked, I was completely grossed out. The whole time, Tom sat smiling, thinking that I was just making this little man's day. Yeah, I was, but not the way little old men usually get excited about young girls. Ew... I still get the hebby-jebbies thinking about it! ;(
  • Our first tri is in 20 days. I'm very excited to race, although a bit worried about getting into Alum for the swim. It's only a 750 meter swim so you hate wearing a wetsuit, but it's so unseasonably cold in Ohio that the water isn't going to be pleasant (see... global warming at it's best!)
  • Above said tri is the one where last year I was swimming my hardest, on a course that runs parallel to the beach for any newbies. They don't have to worry about drowning. As I'm working my little tush off, I sight a girl walking along the shore, numbered, larger and obviously beating me. Always reassuring, let me tell you.
  • Weight watchers is going well - I'm down 10.8 pounds, although I know a lot of that is not only due to my eating less but also increasing my workouts. I'm really working on my post workout foods (I love chocolate milk!!!) and eating things throughout the day that will keep me energized. I'm really happy with the results and believe it or not, have had no knee pain at all lately. I'm attributing that to my smaller size. Only 6.2 pounds until I'm at my goal for race day!
  • Tom got his Team Type 1 uniform the other day. I'm jealous - 'nuff said!
  • T-minus only a few more days until Vegas!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO GO TO VEGAS! I NEED A VACATION!

Um, so that's about all that's new with me. Sorry my updates haven't been too exciting. Hopefully they will get better once I start racing?!


Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck at your upcoming tri! And have a BLAST in vegas!!!!!

Jumper 2.0 said...

Ditto Steve.

And just to be helpful. It's Tuesday today!

IronTriTim said...

It wasn't exactly a still day in Florida last year, but heres hoping this year it will not be windy even if you are racing (though it could be windy behind me :-)

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