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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I <3 my family!

We celebrated my mom's b-day on Monday night as a family and it just reminded me how great my family is. Just thought that I'd give them some blog love! :) Here we are : John (my brother-in-law), Kristen (my sister), dad, mom, me and the hubby.

And here's a decent picture of Tom and I. Guess I could have cropped it so that you see more of us and less tree. :)

So Tom twisted his ankle yesterday on our transition run. Lovely! He's been resting, icing, elevating and all that jazz. No biggie except for the fact that we have a race this weekend and as I'm typing this, he's sitting at his computer looking at the results from last year saying "it's on like Donkey Kong". Ha! We'll see how he does with it! Me on the other hand... I'm a bit interested to see how it goes. Last year I did this race and had a darn good day so I'll be hard pressed to beat my time from last year. Hum... should be fun!


Molly said...

It is nice to see your family after reading their wonderful, supportive comments yesterday.
We are both lucky girls to have such awesome families!
Great work last weekend!
Hope Tom is OK.
Take Care

Kristen said...

I'm certainly going to miss you this weekend. If things start to get crazy, I am going to have you on speed dial! :-) Best of luck at your race. I'll be in touch to see how it went! LOVE YOU!!!!