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Friday, June 20, 2008

Long weekend ahead

It's going to be a long one for us training wise this weekend. We were a little spoiled with the slower week leading up to the sprint on Sunday. I think we were both super big on being rested for our first race. Reality now hits and races are merely forms of training! :)

Today we set out for a long open water swim. The longest I've been doing is maybe 0.7 miles total in the lake. Today I did 1.4, although I had hoped to do 2.1 or so, but I started cramping in my calves (probably a little dehydrated). My wetsuit also has a rip in it (boo) so I was thinking about that the whole swim. I was happy with my 2 laps at the lake though. And for those of you living in Columbus who weren't at work today - were you at Alum Creek in your boat? There were a craptastic amount of people there today so I'm sure some were playing hookie. It was perfect for it (and made swimming a little more challenging!)

Tomorrow we have a long bike-run brick. I think it's about a 3 hour bike and an hour run. Sunday it's a 12 mile run and a 1 hour bike. Ugg - and it's only June! :)

We did some speed work yesterday which is really the first time that we've done it. We have decided that every Thursday we're going to do Yasso 800's. Here's the link if you've never heard of them: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-244-255-624-0,00.html. I'd love feed back if you have any. I didn't really know what to expect so we warmed up with a mile and set out just to test where I would be (I thought maybe 4:00 800's since my fastest marathon was 4:44 and I usually run around 9:15 miles when I'm out and comfortable). I was pleasantly surprised by my times:
1st 800: 3:31
2nd 800: 3:25
3rd 800: 3:31
4th 800: 3:35
5th 800: 3:40
6th 800: 3:44
Those biotches are tough though! Tom ran the first three with me and when he started talking through the 3rd one, pointing things out, I told him he wasn't running fast enough. He ran the next 3 in under 3:15. Slacker! :) I'm anxious to watch my times and see if the Yasso 800's work. It's the first time I've done real speed work since college soccer when I swore I would never do sprints again. Ha - it's funny how triathlon can change you!

I'm also starting to feel the effects of training on my personal life a little. I'm so happy that Tom and I are doing this together because I know the stain that can cause, but I don't think that all of my friends completely understand what a time commitment training for an Ironman is. I've read so much about the sacrifices that someone training will make - be it with family functions, social events, keeping up with relationships and friendships, etc. It's tough when I hope those closest to me understand, then tell me that I'm not trying hard enough or not willing to change for them. Unfortunately my priorities lie with running my company and training for an Ironman. Everything else that I can fit in is icing on the cake. It's not that I don't care. It's not that I don't want to be doing tons other things. I just know I can't. Hopefully they will come to understand the life goals I've chosen to live out and just be supportive and maybe even a little bit patient. :)

Best of luck to those racing Coeur d'Alene and Grandma's this weekend!


Jumper 2.0 said...

I love 800's. The toughest thing for me to learn with any distance interval is to pace myself so that my 2nd half of the intervals were not any slower than my 1st half intervals. Being able to increase your speed over intervals is a definite true test of strength and the ability to go the long distance at that desired speed.

You did awesome. Next time try to reverse the order of those times. Personally, I would try to do this before adding more intervals.

But I wouldn't blame you if you didn't listen to my idea.

The time commitment is tough. I wish Angela did training with me. She may start joining me for the bike at least which is a start. I am also doing small runs or "supplement" runs with my two oldest kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker from someone linking to your blog. I think, as in anything we do in life, that we have choices. And our decisions always have consequences. If those consequences = the loss of friends and family relationships, you have to decide if that is something you can deal with. It is interesting that you wrote you hope others can understand and be patient with you. Perhaps they are thinking the same of you! I always ask myself - if I die tomorrow, will I think, "I wish I had spent more time with my family" or will I think, "I wish I had spent more time training"?

It's always tough when your goals don't align with those close to you. Training can be really isolating. Just remember - relationships are like bank accounts. You have to make deposits along the way if you expect to be able to make withdraws!

Good luck!

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