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Friday, June 6, 2008

Sin City

And I'm off. Since the temps here in Columbus are over 90, why not go to Vegas to get away! :) At least it's a dry heat right? Hahaha! I love when people tell me that. It's hot, no matter how you cut it. At least Vegas as nice pools, air conditioned casinos and cheap beers to help ward of feelings of over heating! We're staying at the Palazzo in a suite that was comped for 4 nights- ohh laa laa I feel like a high roller!!! Wondered if they realize that my "game of choice" is a toss up between the 100 play penny poker or the nickle Wheel Of Fortune? Bring it baby!

Ironman training will continue while we are out there - no rest for the weary (or hung over). We plan to run 8 miles each morning - 2 to UNLV, 4 around campus and 2 back. Should be a site to see!!! I'm sure that'll get the body moving after a late night. We're also going hiking at Red Rock on Monday which should be fun - I've never been and have heard that it's super nice.

So for everyone racing this weekend - have a good one, kick arse and take names! For everyone stuck at home in Ohio - sorry! And for everyone else, have a great one - I'll post pictures and a report when I get home!


Molly said...

Take Care

Kathleen said...

Have a nice trip! I'm the same type of gambler as you :-)

IronTriTim said...

Comped 4 nights very nice. Great to see training will not suffer in the city of sin.