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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

But wait for me...

Life seems to be going by in super fast mode and I'm stuck watching it all pass by. I swear there aren't 24 hours in the day that I live. Sure I sleep... a lot... but come on. Literally I wake up, eat, work, eat, workout, eat and go to bed (oh, I do shower in there... I'm gross, but not that gross). Then I start the routine again. Day after day after day. Yet I can't seem to get my desk cleared, all my workouts in, inventory updated, the dogs walked, the plants watered, time with the hubs, time with the friends, etc.

I seriously wrote my friends the other day and asked them to not forget me because I don't see an end in site. I say no to plans more than I want and just wanted to make sure that they realize I'm not a total flake. They humored me and told me they understand. They are the best after all...

And did I mention that Tom's traveling a lot which leaves little ole me to fend for myself and the health of our company. YIKES! That's a lot of responsibility for a girl who's yearning to be out and about on a bike or at the lake. :) Yeah, I have priorities.

I shouldn't complain though. In an economy when people are desperately searching for a job, I have a one. I am my own boss. I work my own hours. My pay check depends on what I do for the day. I don't wear a suit to work. I break when I want. Okay, I've convinced myself that I'm lucky! :)

Training is going well. Like I thought, I kind of got my mojo back. This past weekend I was in Chicago for my cousin's graduation. Across from our hotel was a great 24 hour gym and I took a big leap and did a spin class both Saturday and Sunday. For me being the biker I am, it's kind of surprising that I've never taken a spin class. I'll tell you something, I was quite scared that I would get my ass handed to me. But I absolutely loved it!!! It was a bitch of a workout (pardon my language) especially since the spin room was probably 9,000 degrees (I've heard of Bikram Yoga and maybe I didn't read the class schedule right... maybe this was Bikram Spinning). I worked and sweated and panted and grunted and thought that I was going to die at least once, but I loved it! I can't wait to try our spin class out at the gym by me! I ran 8 miles yesterday in the sauna of Ohio. Oh my gawd... I forgot what humidity was until last night. Ew... nothing like dripping for a little over an hour. It was so gross and so good at the same time. I averaged 8:38's which surprised me. I thought I'd be super slow again.

I'm thinking I'll live through my tri's on 6/7 and 6/14. I don't think I'm nearly prepared enough for them but hope that I'll get there. It's early, I'm not expecting miracles or land speed records by any means!

Oh and an update on my hubby, the transformed biker. As you know he's doing Race Across America with Team Type 1. It starts on June 20th in Oceanside California and they are hoping to ride into Annapolis 5.5 or so days later. It's a super exciting (and stressful) time in the Kingery household. We went to a second doctor yesterday to get another opinion on the hand and the hip which are still hurting from the crash last week. No real news except the break required a cast (the splint Dr. Doofus had given us last week wouldn't have done any good) and the hip/groin are just pulled and not torn or broken! YAY! That simply means that Tom's busting his hiney on the indoor trainer, doing lots of long hot rides in Zone 5c. He's so determined to break the record at RAAM... at this point, I just hope his teammates can keep up! :) He's in Cincinnati talking and riding this weekend, in New Orleans next week and then the race is right around the corner. Exciting times!


untpawgal02 said...

Woah... what a busy girl you have been! I'm sure your tris in June will be superbly awesome and you will do amazing!

Kristen said...

I remember this time last year...when I started seeing you less and less. As I don't get to see you often enough as it is, the time we DO have together becomes all that much better. You know your awesome friends will be there, cheering you on, and so will I. :-) Love you!!!

Danica said...

You are one busy girl. Hang in there!

I'm glad to hear the hubby is getting better.