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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Starting over

So the marathon came and went and I feel like I'm starting over. Onward to bigger and better things my friend. :)

It's been a good couple of days - I've taken it easy. No workouts Monday or Tuesday (I couldn't have done anything if someone had a gun to my head forcing me!) My legs literally felt like they had been beat over and over by some nasty hard object (that or the result of hills... either way, I'm a baby about it!) Tom giggled when I saw him at the airport. I was still walking very gingerly. Yesterday I felt better though and was able to get an hour of cross training on the elliptical. I'm hoping to get out for a little run tonight. Nothing mind blowing... maybe a few miles to stretch out.

But I'm freaking exhausted. I think my body is telling me something. I've stopped eating everything that isn't nailed down to the table (that phase lasted a few days), but I hit that pillow at night and I'm done! Even now, after having slept 9+ hours last night (shut up... I know I'm lazy), I could easily fall asleep right here and now at my desk. I'm sure the hubs would love that! :)

But I'm ready to be done with marathon training and move forward. I have my new workouts ready to go and they pretty much start Saturday with a warm up 5k and a timed 5k. Yikes... guess there's no easing into this...

But, I knew what I was getting into. This all started with me asking Tom to be my "coach" for the next few weeks and get me ready for my tri on June 14th. Outwardly, he said "sure honey" in this sweet, caring kind of way. Inside was another story, as I think his master plan was already brewing. See, I came in 2nd last year in my AG in this race and I think maybe 14th overall for the women. I know the lady who came in second - she's a good friend and quite frankly, a badass. I think Coach Tom has this grandiose plan to make me into his own little badass. I guess he can try, but a girl can only do what she can do. :) If I don't die before the race, at least I'll know that I've worked harder than ever to be ready for a sprint race. :)

I am looking at adding a few shorter tri's this season. Last year I did 2 local Olympic races and they don't work with my schedule this year. I'm venturing our on my own for a race in June (Tom will be gone with TT1 stuff) and then I'm looking at another in early August, before my longer race season starts. They will be good opportunities for me to go all out for a few hours and test where I'm at in terms of speed.

And if Coach T has his way, maybe I'll bring home some hardware. ;) It's early, we'll see...


untpawgal02 said...

Let your body get the rest it needs... esp after running a 26.2! You'll get your training back soon!

Kate said...

Congrats on the marathon!!!!!! Enjoy your time off, plenty of training ahead!

Danica said...

You go girl!!!! I don't know how your legs are still attached to your body.

Judi said...

hey, glad you had a good marathon colleen. sorry we didn't have a chance to hook up and say hi. i am so ready to just get on bike now!

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