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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I know...

It's been yet another week without an update. And it's already September. I'm busy, what can I say.
This past weekend we were in Chicago for the Chicago Triathlon. Team Type 1 was racing so Tom and I made the trek in on Friday. Although the trip should have taken us 5.5 hours, we got there a little more than 8 hours after leaving. I'm usually good with directions and well, I missed a crucial turn. I was so freaking pissed. We had tickets to see Tony Bennett with some of Tom's teammates and I had such a horrible day that we canceled. I felt bad, but I was in no mood to socialize (and poor Tom - I blamed him when it was clearly my fault - such a wife move!). We grabbed some dinner and just got settled in. Saturday, we met up with everyone, walked through the expo, got all the team checked in, and had a great dinner at Club Lucky. It was up and out early on Sunday - Transition closed at 5:45, but the first of Team Type 1 wasn't racing until nearly 8. I think most of the guys checked their gear and went back to bed. Tom, of course was in the first group of his teammates racing so we quickly ran back to the hotel, changed and ate and went back to the swim. It was a gorgeous day (albeit cool and windy) and the team did awesome! Congrats Tom, Matt, Bradford, Bobby, Ryan, Laura and Kevin. You all did amazing and I'm so glad that I finally got to meet all of you!!!
This is before the swim start of Tom and Matt's wave:
Matt had a cake made for the after race BBQ!
And I have to tell you, I've never met a more amazingly well meshed group of people. These guys and girls come from all over, but they all get along so well. I know that they have common interested - triathlon, diabetes, helping others - but more than that, they are all the most relaxed, easy going people. They were tons of fun to hang out with, I laughed a lot and I hope that I can get to more races next year (although I'll have to admit, sherpa duty for 7 people wasn't easy and I would much rather have been racing - such a true competitor!)

We got home last night and Tom had a flight this morning at 7am. He'll be in Orlando for the next 6 days which leaves me to pick up the pieces of us being gone for a few days, as well as training alone. This is the last week before Hell Week 1 of training. Luckily I have a trip to West Palm lingering in the near future!!!

Quick shout out to a few blogger friends who did amazing Sunday at IMKY
  1. Ryan is kick ass. That's all I can say. He finished in 9:38, 2nd fastest amateur bike split, 9th amateur overall and 28th finisher overall. Earned his spot in Kona and totally deserves it! Great job Ryan!!!
  2. Judi is an IRONMAN!!! In her first (although I'm sure not last) IM, she did amazing! Finishing in 14:21 with a huge smile on her face! I am so proud of you Judi!!!
  3. Amanda is unbelievable and I'm in awe of her abilities. She recently qualified for Worlds in Australia and rocked a 48 minute PR with a finish time of 11:22.

Great job to everyone who raced this past weekend!


Carolyn said...

Do you need a GPS for your car? :)
Sounds like a really good weekend!

Brittany M. said...

I hear you on the busy things, and you're a much more thorough and regular blogger than I. Maybe when I'm in grad school I can blog more! Anyhow, keep up the great work. 9 more weeks...I'm looking forward to Nov!

Danica said...

Sounds like a great weekend Miss Busy!!!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. SMOOCHES

untpawgal02 said...

That cake looks so yummy... I could have eaten it up in no time!