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Monday, September 28, 2009

zip lining

I will write a post on the race yesterday when I have a chance (it went well...). First, I want to share some pictures from zip lining. We went for a 3 hour zip line adventure near Hocking Hills this past Friday. My mom had bought my dad a gift card for his birthday last year and we decided to come crash the party! It was a blast!!! We went on 10 "zips", 4 bridges and then were supposed to repel at the end, but all did a leap of faith and just jumped off the platform, putting our lives in the hands of our trusty guides. It was so fun! I definitely recommend it to anyone who has some free time and $70 sitting around!
Tom and I all harnessed and ready to go:
My cutie-patootie husband:
Tom and I mid bridge:
My mom and dad mid bridge:
One of our guides took my camera and went down one of the lines with the camera on video. This is a great birdseye view of what we saw all day:


Aunt Nan said...

Agree, agree. It was awesome. Never thought I'd step off that 1st platform, or cross that first suspension bridge. Dad and I are so glad you and Tom were with us to share our adventuresome side...little that it is!

Jumper 2.0 said...

Southern Ohio is so beautiful. The variety of tree's and hilly without too much hill. I love Hocking Hills and just about forgot that the place existed. Glad you had fun, what a fun way to spend a day.

untpawgal02 said...

Happy you had a fun day... what great pics and scenery!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

now that is a fun "party" to crash. Sounds like a blast of a day!!

Danica said...

Those pics are so cool Colleen! I've always wanted to try zip lining.

Ryan said...

Does the hubby know that you called him Cutie-Patootie?

That word is forbidden in this house when referencing me!

I prefer D!*KHEAD or something similar :-)