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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's the holiday season...

I love the holidays. Even though it's slow around here (work that is), it's fun to kind of play hookie when I can. Today we spent the whole day with my mother-in-law, helping her pick out stuff for the new bathroom that Tom's going to install. It's a huge project, but it's going to look amazing. So much fun being able to design on someone else's dime too! :)

My Christmas shopping is 99% done. I have yet to wrap a single present for Tom yet, but the family gifts are wrapped (I think I have things ass backwards though since we aren't celebrating Christmas with my family until AFTER Christmas). I guess I better get cracking on his 19 gifts - yeah, he's spoiled a little, although I stayed within our budget!!!). Just putting bows on things doesn't cut it in this household! :)

I've been enjoying my off season a ton too. I've had some good hard runs (and even a sub 25 5k on the treadmill the other day), I've not biked on the dreaded trainer, but I've played on the elliptical and swam. I'm feeling good - fresh and having fun. I did laugh because I went to the gym alone yesterday and swam. There was a guy in the lane next to me who would wait until I turned and then race me to the end and back. I'd turn and he'd stop to catch his breath. He totally tried to play it off that he wasn't racing against me, but here's the truth - Mr. I'm-going-to-race-the-girl-in-the-lane-next-to-me-who-is-actually-swimming-1500m-straight, you didn't win. Not once. And I wasn't racing you back. If I had picked up my pace, you would have gotten chicked really bad and I didn't want to ruin your evening. Plus I was singing along to my SwiMP3 player - makes you feel kind of dumb now doesn't it? Plus, who swims like 10 laps in a 20 meter pool and calls it a day? :) Just kidding - I was there once!

The 100 push up, 200 squat, 200 sit up challenge is going great too. I'm on week 2 and loving it. Don't know how the heck I'm ever going to do 100 push ups or 200 sit ups (the squats I'll master in no time), but it's fun trying!

The only bad thing about the off season - holiday weight gain. Tom looks amazing and hasn't gained anything since the Ironman (I actually think he's lost weight which is weird, but whatever). I haven't gained much - maybe 3 pounds total, but it's so darn frustrating. I want to eat everything.

Did I mention that I have a cookie exchange on Monday. 11 dozen cookies are coming home with me. BLAH. I think I'm going to give them all to neighbors. Except for the iced sugar cookies. Those will go in my belly. :)

Hey, it's the holidays right? :)


Aunt Nan said...

your blogs are always so fun to read. You're too funny about the guy in the next lane. And, hey, it's the holidays...what's a few extra pounds! Love you xoxo

Kristen said...

Glad you got done with your shopping...care to share any ideas for Tom with me? :) You I have done! Woo Hoo!!!!

Enjoy your cookie exchange. Should be fun!

Liz said...

I wish I had everything wrapped. Haven't even started. Granted, I still have gifts I have to make, too...ugh!

You'll be getting 10 dozen cookies and 1 loaf of bread which you can eat for breakfast :)

teacherwoman said...

11 dozen cookies, wow!

Glad to hear you're enjoying your off season!

Stevi N. Honaker said...

Don't feel bad I haven't wrapped a thing for Chris either. Sadly though it is mostly due to the fact he figures out what he got just by looking at the stupid present.

As far as holiday weight gain.....I'm giving myself till New Years, and I know once all the treats are gone I will and eat like a normal person I'll be fine (right, LOL). Have fun with those cookies!

Danica said...

I'm eating all of the cookies dang it. And I'm gonna love it and get fat doing. LOL

I'm almost done shopping and so far most everything is wrapped except a couple of things for LW.

Carolyn said...
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Carolyn said...

Trying again.

Love the honesty on eating everything in sight. I have Jillian Michaels in my head though with the biggest loser stuff. Yelling at me to push harder. :) While I eat a donut, Jillian? he he.

Pushups day 1 were the hardest, then got better. Sore back.

Googled "Colleen Kingery Irondiva" to find your blog and you are on You Tube!