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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some randomness

'Cause I can't put all my thoughts in a cohesive post (ah, the truth be told)

  • I love getting jeans from the Gap for $9.99. That's a bargain. And they are size 6! (So what if the tag says that they are mismarked - I've convinced myself that they really must have been size 4's and that I'm actually get smaller after Ironman - a girl can hope right?). Even better when the hubster asks for his wallet for the credit card (which we have jointly) to tell me that he wants to treat me!
  • I get annoyed easily. it's not a trait that I like about myself, but today for instance, we were in a bike shop. It's kind of a hippie bike shop. Just thought that I'd stop in and see if they had anything I must have. Not only did they not have anything that I must have (annoying), but they DID have the most annoying owner in the world. No, I don't care about your racing team, I don't care about what pro triathlete you hung out with and had to borrow his bike because yours was delayed and that you're scared of his wife, I didn't want to see your wife's website, I don't want the free pants you had in the back as long as I spent $75 in the store, etc. Case in point... I left with nothing in my hands and a huge amount of annoyance in my heart.
  • It frustrates me that people close to me have crappy relationships in their life. And I'm not talking about husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. I'm talking family here people. I've had my fair share of crap with my "married-into" family. I deal with it daily. Tom deals with it daily. I wish others didn't have to go through it. If you are reading this, you know who you are and you are both great people. And your niece will come to you some day and tell you how crazy her mama and padre are and you will know that you are good people and can help her! :)
  • I'm craving sugar cookies. Just wanted to throw that out there.
  • My grandpa asked me how the Ironman was today and then followed the sentence up with "How's everyone else in your house?". I love him. He may have Alzheimer's and not remember that I'm married to Tom, but he's the happiest, most loving man in the world! :)
  • Why can't grown-ups act like grown-ups?
  • And why do some people feel the need to never tell the truth? At least I can smile about it now, but it caused me so much pain for 8 years.
  • In high school I had a best friend. In college I had a best friend. Now that I'm an old married lady, it's reassuring to have found a new best friend. This time, I don't think that I'll grow out of the friendship. You're stuck with me for life girlie!
  • My grandmother told my mom that Tom and I are such a cute couple and that when we decide to have babies, they are going to be adorable. Either that or they will look like bucktooth monkeys. I've seen baby pictures of both of us... we were sights to be seen. God bless her.
  • Speaking of kids - I know I'm turning 30 in February. I know that I'm not doing an Ironman next year. I know that my mom doesn't have any grand babies and would love some little munchkin to spoil. Yet, the fear of giving birth to a human being scares me shitless. How do you get over that?


teacherwoman said...

I too am struggling with putting together a cohesive post! Love the randomness. Sometimes you just need to get it all out there!

Have a great weekend!

Simi said...

I love the randoms! Lol... so many of them I can agree with, I think I maybe following suit and just doing a random brain dump :p

ELee said...

The concept of childbirth scared the crap out of me too, but it was actually a lot easier than I had expected. You're an Irondiva, so you can definitely handle it!

Danica said...

I love all of the randomness. I want a sugar cookie too!!!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Guess what I had today? A sugar cookie. Really. And it was damn good! ;)

Oh, and guess what else? You won a signed copy of the book giveaway on my blog! Really!! Can you e-mail me? stevestenzelphotography [at] yahoo [dot] com


Stevi N. Honaker said...

Love the vomit of thoughts.....:-) If only my own thoughts came out that clearly.

As for the 30 and the grandbabies, OMG I hear ya. Well expect for the point that I just give them the stink eye and they all know to shut up. You've seen my 30 for 30th goals list, no where could I fit in a baby. I figured I will keep making one until we are ready (heck I have plenty of friend that are 35 plus that just started their families), and each year I'll tell them to check out the list. Is it on the list? If not then you have your answer, LOL.

Oh, and sugar cookies.....yummmm now I want some.