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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No Go

It was a no go on riding the IM course this past weekend. I'm alright with that. It was pouring when we woke up on Sunday morning and well, I'm slightly a wuss when it comes to riding in the rain. I knew I wouldn't enjoy it and we had a fabulous ride the day before so I wasn't too heartbroken. We are going to try to hit Louisville next week and see if we can't conquer the hills that everyone is trying to freak me out about. I guess I'm worried because a few people tell me "they aren't bad at all"... last time someone said that to me was right before the Flying Pig Marathon and that course kicked my hiney!

Like I said though, this past Saturday we got some good hills in. Not a single ride of the 80 miles was on the Ironman course, but that's alright. Tom was scheduled to talk at the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure Louisville so we got up early Saturday and made our way to Norton Commons (which by the way was this amazing neighborhood that reminded us of the Truman Show or the Stepford Wives). They offered a 6 mile family ride, a 20, a 40 and a 60 so of course we opted for the 60. We were the only two on tri bikes which probably should have been a sign (Tom just got a new Kuoto Kredo and probably should have rode it, but he likes to punish himself at times!) After Tom's little shpeal, we took off. The day was gorgeous, the crowd was great, the hills kicked my ass. :)

I'm from Ohio. We don't have hills... the biggest climb I usually do is up my driveway (okay, that's a little sarcastic, but you get the drift). We can find hills in Ohio - southern Ohio is VERY hilly, but we don't do that on purpose! These roads in Louisville were up and down, up and down. And you know what...


Did I just say that? It was such a different change of pace. I am not the best climber and I know that, but I powered up the hills, my heart rate cranking, and then flew down like a little kid free of any responsibility. I have to say, Tom and I held our own with all the local roadies too which made me happy. My hands hurt by the time we were done from holding my tri wing, but it was a good day. So good, that I wanted to do another 20 miles when we were done.

Looking at the elevation of this ride and comparing it to IMKY, this ride was definitely hillier. But at least I know what might be in store for me in August. I'm anxious to get the sneak peak next week.


Carolyn said...

If it rains on IM day, what happens? I guess everyone just does the race? Do you think you would? That one little sprint I did in the rain and lightning had me thinking I was seriously nuts. Glad you played it safe this weekend.

BTW, I like how you avoid saying "kicked my ass" in about a dozen different ways. I have never heard anyone say "arse" but you and your sister. Is that an Ohio thing? (Also, hiney is a funny word, don't you think? I like it to describe baby butts though.)

Ok, enough talk of the buttocks. LOL!

Kim said...

col, i think you are smart to have not done the IM loop in the rain/cold. be safe, rather than sorry. way to get that 60 miler done though, and get through those hills! youre doing GREAT!

Colleen said...

Carolyn... if it rains on IM day, I get wet! :) It's a different story when I'm racing or when getting the bike miles in is really important!

And I think arse must be an Ohio thing...

Meredith said...

I love hills too, actually. My PR in the marathon is in Boston. I'm pretty good when it comes to climbing hills both in the bike and on the run.

Judi said...

we got hills in ohio. you just have to venture down where i live.

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