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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So we had brunch with some friends on Sunday and in the middle of the meal they said "we heard Fat Rabbit Racing went out of business today". Um... what????

I'm registered for an Olympic tri with them on June 26th.

I love that tri... it's 10 minutes from my house, on a course that I know so well which is uber fast, and it's always so well organized.

To be honest, Fat Rabbit was probably the better of the two race companies in Columbus (but that's between you and me).

Guess not anymore...

I had to find out for myself though since I hadn't heard from the race company and sure as hell hadn't gotten my $70 back yet.

Sure enough... web site's down. I emailed them and got nothing. Finally I contacted Iamathlete.com who hosts their registration and was told that all participants (there were 94 of us registered already) would be sent an email and would receive refunds in the next 2-3 weeks.


That means that I only have a sprint on June 13th and a Half Ironman on July 11th before the Ironman. Not that an Olympic made that much of a difference, but I'm down to two races now. Of course there's not a single tri the weekend of June 25-26th in Ohio.

I found a sprint on July 4th and I think I'm going to sign up for that. And I might try to squeeze an Olympic in the first weekend of August. Racing just gets my confidence up. It's like catered training when you are doing and Ironman. :)

So there used to be 3 good tris in Columbus (Wendy's International and two that offered sprints and Olympic options) and now we're down to 1.

There's a market for a new race company - or maybe an existing can pick up the slack???


Jumper 2.0 said...

Oh my,
I know that I am lucky in many ways to be living in Minnesota but I didn't realize that we have more than 2 times the amount of tri's than Ohio. Ohio is a very sports minded state and I would of guessed that you had MORE choices.
There is a great Olympic tri called LifeTime Fitness in July. You could always come to Mn! ;-)

Meredith said...

I know it's not a race but Dave and I are going to Louisville the weekend of June 25-27 to train. We'd love to have more people to train with.

I'm with you, Fat Rabbit was the better company but I'm also not surprised.

Danica said...

You make my head hurt! LOL Good luck!

Jon said...

Major bummer! Hope your refund shows.

D10 said...

Glad you were able to get an answer and a refund. The picture of your dog in your last post is so very cute!

Allison said...

Maybe that would be a good business endeavor for you ;)

Tom said...

Allison, I agree!!!
But I was shot down on that idea after thinking out loud too long on the business opportunity.
I hear it is a very tough business loaded with expenses and with customers looking for a value.
At this point only Ironman has the name and stature to charge $600/race to make it profitable.

Chris said...

Wow, bummer! At least it sounds like you'll get your $$ back. Are you coming out to PA this summer, we could find you one around here!! Oh, and I need to talk to you about that annual indoor tri you do, I'm thinking about the possibility of organizing a few this winter with our tri club.

Daniel said...

I would check out HFP Racing, they are based out of central Ohio. I have been to a few of their events and as far as quality goes, they are top notch.

Colleen said...

Daniel... I love HFP races, but they don't offer any in Columbus! :( And with my schedule this year, there's only one that fits in before IMKY! I would LOVE to see them put some races on in Columbus!

And Allison... my hubby thanks you for the advice to start a race company. That's his dream (and not quite mine!)

Meredith - we're heading to Louisville tomorrow to bike the course. I'll let you know about the 25th!

Aunt Nan said...

So...looks like Dad and I don't see you race on the 36th...bummer. If there's another race you're doing soon, let us know. We'll try to be there. xoxo

Aunt Nan said...

Sorry. I mean the 26th.

Rebecca said...

Hey, I am a fellow Triathlete in Columbus (not to the extent you are though) and I enjoy your blog.

Are you thinking about the Olympic in Granville in Aug? Have you ever done that one? I was signed up for an Olympic Fat Rabbit Tri in July so now I am looking for another.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Oh, that's such a bummer! But, good thing you're getting your money back!

Rebecca said...

hey, saw your comment on my blog, thanks! I am signed up for the Wendys in June, JCC Independence race on July 4th, and WAS going to do the antrim park one by Fat Rabbit on the 18th. I will look into the East Fork one -- just a little nervous about the Granville set up company.
My husband is doing the Muncie 70.3 this year and plans to sign up for the Louisville full next year. If there are any tips you have about the Louisville Ironman, I am sure he would appreciate it! :)

Lori said...

Crap, really? The 10k I was going to do at Antrim July 17th was one of theirs...the website is still up but I'm glad I didn't register for the race already!

Keen Bean Company said...

hello - I was just trying to figure out if these races were full or shut down and stumbled across your blog. Cleveland has a lot going on the weekend of july 25 there are two sprints available on Sunday - see www.ncnracing.com and google pirate triathlon fairport harbor. Also there is an open water swim on Saturday with a 2 mile option - see www.ohiomasters.com. Last but definitely not least - if you want to scrap the sprints and go for a challenging (as in hilly) bike ride check out Eddy's Sweet Corn Challenge which is also on the 25th, lots of distance options - hope this helps!

Keen Bean Company said...

duh - i just realized you meant June 25th not July 25th -oops!

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