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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday ramblings

  • I'm riding part of the IMKY bike course this weekend. Actually my bike will cover the whole thing, but I won't ride the second loop. I'm riding 60 miles the day before and riding 112 the next day would probably make me reconsider doing the Ironman.
  • The 10k I signed up for in June is having a pancake breakfast afterward... score! :)
  • And brats... what a combo!
  • I'm heading to my sister's tomorrow for dinner. My aunt is coming in town on her way to pick my cousin up at Georgetown for the summer. I'm making a new dessert - that is as long as I don't eat the whole sugar cookie crust on the way down! Mine probably won't look this pretty, but I'm sure it'll taste just as yummie. Why am I so motivated by sweets???

  • So I've mentioned before that my grandparents have dementia (well my grandma does - my grandpa has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's). It's a really crummy thing to watch a family member suffer from. But I still talk to them once or twice a week. And they make me smile - even if they think I'm married to someone named Roger. :)
  • And I received a card today for my Anniversary (although it was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kingery) which happens to be in July. She's just thinking ahead! God I love them! I see that as a good thing!
  • I'm running the hospital fundraiser again this year. Last year we raised $25k for women's health at our local hospital. We had 300 attendees and a wait list of people wanting to come who we just didn't have room for! It was amazing! This year, the hoops that I'm being forced to jump through are making it so hard. Hello... we did this once and it was awesome. I think we know what we're doing. Gesh...
  • Enough personal life stuff... I swam my 10x100 workout the other day. The first time I did it I averaged 1:38's. The second time, 1:36's. Yesterday - 1:34's! It's nice to see improvement. My goal is to swim 3 times a week until the first tri (although that's not an easy task) and I'm hoping that the speed shows in my racing this year.
  • I really struggle with pushing myself during a race and leaving it all out there. Tom and I have talked a lot about this. I'm a slow swimmer... I've accepted that. I'm a fairly strong biker (usually 20.5mph+ for Olympic distances, closer to 18 for HIM distance). I know I could go faster, but I feel like I need to leave something for the run. Then I can't put a good run together. I know I'm capable of running low 8's, maybe even 7 somethings for an Olympic and probably 8:30's for a half, but I freak out on the run and don't. It's such a mental thing... maybe 2010 is my year.
  • Plus, I gotta show those ladies in the 30-34 age group what I'm made of - hehehe - I feel old ( I know... I know... I'm not!)
  • 4 more pounds to my goal race weight.
  • And 32 more days until the first race.
  • Gotta stop making fruit pizzas! :)


Carolina John said...

4 lbs to go? rock on Colleen.

Kim said...

TCol, so many fantastic things happening for you. Congrats on the improved swim times, being super speedy on the bike, being THISCLOSE to goal weight! :) rock on sista!

My grandpa had alzheimers. I know how rough it is and I understand what you're going through. Let's email, shall we??? Xoxo

Running Diva Mom said...

From one diva to another ..... Just found you through another blog and look forward to following your journey and success!

teacherwoman said...

Watching someone suffer and deteriorate from Dementia (or Alzheimer's) is soo difficult. My Grandma was diagnosed with Dementia about a couple years ago and to watch her go backwards until she passed away this March was very difficult. It's like she wasn't even the person we remembered her to be. And she new she struggled with it and it bothered her to no end. So sad.

Chris said...

Nice work on the swimming!! I'm jealous. With the two half's that you've raced this year I'll be that your run time will be coming down...and the 30-34 AG, fresh pickings! I just hit the 35-39!

Kristen said...

We just have to keep laughing at the cards, because what else can we do? At least we'll have great memories of them and be able to share them with our children down the road some time!

I'm glad you came over tonight. And the fruit pizza was even BETTER than what you have pictured on your blog!


Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Good luck riding the bike course!

My husband's grandparents had alzheimers and it was pretty sad in the end, but they stayed happy till the end.

Umm...I don't think you're a slow swimmer doing 1:34 100s! I wish I could be that fast!