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Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've been a bit overwhelmed lately. I think that would be the right word. And I'm really bad at handling being overwhelmed. When I have more than one project going on at a time or one emotionally draining situation, I tend to shut down. I get cranky. The hubs and I argue. I eat. I sleep. I guess I'm not good at the whole multitasking thing. But in my defense, it's just been a lot of adjustments, new responsibilities, etc. and I'm working on getting those ducks lined up.

As Tom and I were running our second set of 81+ laps at the gym this week (I have more gym observations... keep reading), we started talking about the whole "Word of 2011" idea. At the same time, we both said Balance.


That is our word. And it's not just balancing the eight million things that need done on any given day (although I'll get to that). It's balancing my emotions for things I can't control too, which is probably the bigger problem lately.

I think the hardest part is identifying what will help balance your life. For me, here's a glimpse:
  • Giving up kickboxing. Well not totally. I've quit the kickboxing studio. I've learned a lot in the three months that I was there. My gym has two bags and I'm hoping to put myself through a workout two or three times a week. The drive was 25 minutes each way for the kickboxing class and that's valuable time. Plus, doing that three days a week meant that I was swimming, biking and running twice each a week and I felt like it wasn't enough - and my workouts struggled when I did kickboxing in the morning and my tri workouts in the evening. I was down a road of burnout if I wasn't careful. It's hard still to workout 1.5-2+ hours 6-7 days a week. Yes, I want to be happy and yes, I want to be healthy. But I'm not a pro.
  • Give up some control over our fundraiser to my very capable committee. They are an amazing group of people and so many times I find myself saying "it's just easier if I do it myself" (do you do this too?). I don't know if it's because I trust myself way more than anyone else and the success of this fundraiser very much falls on my shoulders, or if I just like to create more work for myself. It's no wonder I have my committee is always so happy... I shield them from a lot of the mundane tasks! I'm kidding... they will do a great job filling my shoes in some areas!
  • Finding time to not only foster the business relationships that I already have, but also market to new people. This is super hard for me since Tom now has a full time job that doesn't have to do with our company. Our success depends on my daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual effort. Admitting the problem is the first step right?
  • I've written a little about the emotional drain of some seriously toxic friendships that I lost this year. I can't lie and say that the day the sh*t hit the fan, I instantly moved on. I didn't. That wouldn't have been normal. I don't wish that things were different, but I wish I had answers or that I could have had some control in how things ended. Some days I wish that those people hurt the way I did. (I know... that's horrible to say) I know that if things hadn't happened when they did, they would have eventually crumbled apart. I had actually predicted that it would have happened in December of 2010. Kind of weird that I saw it coming and didn't get away. I hold on to that a lot. I need to balance the frustration that I still struggle with, with the great friendships that I do have.
  • I have another rocky relationship with two people who are very close to me. It's been rocky for years now and without going into too much detail, I can't just drop them from my life. They've made me see things that I don't like, traits that I would never want others to see in me or Tom. I want things to be different and unfortunately they never will be. I know that. It's not something I have the power to change. Again, I need to find peace in the fact that there are so many people in my life that aren't like these people. And that it's okay to be frustrated, but not every day.
This is just the start of a very important year. I think it's going to be a great one, but to balance it all is going to be the only way I come out on top!
And some non-deep-life-pondering stuff.

I lost 4.2 pounds last week. I didn't have a single cookie. I honestly believe that was the reason for my success. (maybe that and counting ww points, measuring my portions, and doing all of my workouts). This week... um... yeah. Well there's always next week. :)

I'm super excited that I'm finally starting to register for my 2011 races. There's something about actually getting the sign up confirmation that makes it real. Like there's no backing out now. Definitely a good motivator (especially when you put a countdown widget on your desktop homepage and you see it a million times a day). My frist tri is in 122 days? That's can't be right can it? Bigger motivator... being part of Team Trakkers and hearing about how my teammates are being rock stars and training hard for all of their races. You guys rock!

You want gym observations? It was a pretty quiet day yesterday. First to the girl on the treadmill with no tv (why anyone would choose this one is beyond me). You probably don't need to bring your portable fan that YOU attached to the treadmill if you didn't wear tights, shorts, and a long sleeve inside. You brought your own fan. And you wore sunglasses. Just an FYI, my husband thinks you're a diva. And to the guy kickboxing in the corner. We like the shadow boxing with the bag as it swings back and forth, but it sounds like you are going to break your foot when you kick it with no shoe on. Did you notice your super red and already swollen foot? We did. That's not normal dude.

Lastly, it's funny how the little things can make me so happy. I bought a new purse yesterday. Guys you might not understand the pleasure that can bring. But what about this...we also bought a 32" flat screen (which was totally a necessity because our main tv died). We now have HD on almost all of our channels. Welcome to 2011 Kingerys!


teacherwoman said...

I posted about Balance being my word for 2011 as well. it's pretty important if one wants to live a full filling life without feeling overwhelmed or what not. :)

Tom said...

Great blog boops. Loved it. You have been a little off kilter lately! Maybe the balance is being affected by all those short circular laps at the gym. Love you.

Caratunk Girl said...

Balance is a great word for the year. The stuff you said about toxic people in your life. I have a few of those that I have totally distanced myself from. It took me a long time to realize that I left them feeling worse, and really bad about myself. So I had to move on to take care of myself. Anyway, sounds like 2011 is shaping up to be a great year for you!

Love your laps.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I like the word Balance!!!

What local races are the both of you doing?

Jon said...

4.2 pounds in a week?!?!? Way to go!

Keep the gym observations going, please. I like the ones with people wearing sunglasses. They crack me up!

Kristin said...

Its hard to weed the toxic people out but I've come to the realization that I needed to!! Great Observations! Ha ha!

Melissa C said...

Great post. I do have an excuse at my quirky gym for selecting a treadmill w/o TV, a lot of them don't work and I use my own music anyway, but when the TV is there, I can't see over it to watch outside. Not that outside is that exciting anyway, but it is a bit more exciting than blank TV screen, and I can usually see my car from the treadmill.

Rebecca said...

I could never ever run on a treadmill without a tv.

UNlike you, I gained 2 lbs in the past 3 weeks. Wish I had your self control with cookies.

I will live vicariously through your workout these next two months while mine will be seriously lacking during the move.

I love the new 2011 word and I will definitely be following your TRIs this year, fun fun!

Kacie Darden said...

Ohhhh! It's the cookies.....maybe I should cut them out too :-)

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Balance is a great word and probably one must of us trigeeks need to work on!

Gym observations are awesome. My LTF is so busy right now - I was walking down the main hallway and it felt like I was in a mall b/c of all the people!

Good job on eliminating the toxic friends. Know exactly what you are talking about - wifey and I are going through something similar. it is much harder on her than me.

Lori said...

Balance...I like that :)

Emz said...

I sometimes feel like balance is a four letter word.

I need to find more of it for sure. ;)

Great post.

misszippy said...

Sounds to me like you've done some great considering and are making the right moves. Good luck with the end result!

Wes said...

the never ending quest for balance :-)

You can accomplish a lot more by empowering people to implement your vision. If you are a hands on type person, its hard to do!

Good luck with your relationships. Set realistic expectations! I, personally, have no expectations for my friends. They are a constant source of joy :-)

Congrats on the weight loss!

Kim said...

i love how you posted about balance and how you plan on incorporating it into your life. i need to do that as well. and a big YAY for the dropping weight and the toxic people in your life. more positivity and fun and less drama in 2011!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

gosh, I can defintely relate. i am tired of feeling anxious and overwhelmed. WHy do let ourselves get that way. Its all about Balance in 2011. Easing into it!

Tracy DiSabato-Aust said...

Love your focus on balance and less toxicity--will join you in the "life training" on both fronts! We could form our own "team":):) Congrats on the weight loss--even though you don't need it! Looking forward to seeing you soon

Mark said...

Funny post! I like the gym diva's, they crack me up. When my wife and I get home from the gym, we break down all the personalities into categories like "psychopaths," "dorks," "smelly dorks" (I can usually lump myself into this category).

Balance is key. When you figure out, please let me know. I am constantly struggling with it. I find that BALANCE is ACTUALLY related to MOTIVATION. In other words, you can always find balance if you have the motivation to do what you are suppose to be doing at any given moment. Like right now.... I should be writing syllabi, but I am writing insipid blog comments that I think are really clever. Okay... you get my drift... I think?

Velma said...

I am sorry to hear about the friendships. Having that type of strain is so difficult.

I know you will meet some fun, positive people on Trakkers this year :)

P said...

Such a terrific post - I think we can all relate to the struggle of balancing all the different parts of our lives. Toxic relationships are so hard, but they really do teach you how to enjoy the good ones. It took me years and years to accept the reality of some of my relationships and my part in their demise. Good luck to you in navigating your way through tough times!

Kelly said...

I think balance is a great word for 2011!! I am ALWAYS seeking balance in my life, and the interesting thing is, the balance is always shifting. That is the tricky part, I guess.

tri like mary said...

I tagged you in my blog! Have fun!

Laura Wheatley said...

Colleen, you and I should do lunch sometime LOL! I ALWAYS overload myself and then I can't find balance! I do the same thing you do- shut down. Instead of working on the 50+ things I want to accomplish, I atch tv, surf the internet, or nap. must.change. I like to specific approach to achieving balance - I'll try to work on that!!

Alisa said...

Great great post! Balance is tough, there is always so much going on in life.

As for the toxic folks, they aren't worth a second of your precious time. I know that's easier said than done but really you deserve only the best people in your life.

PS I got your email but I haven't had time to respond. Would love to meet up while you're in town even if it's just to cheer you on along the course!

Laura said...

read something today about can't statements. We should change Can't to won't... and re-evaluate: "I can't just drop them from my life".. how's it sound when you say "I WON'T just drop them from my life." obviously I have no real idea what you are talking about, but found this approach to be eye opening and thought you might. I've had to 'drop' friends too... if you find the relationship toxic it's not worth you worrying over.

Beth said...

Balance is important especially when you train as hard as you do. I hope you find ways to make it all work. I am having trouble finding it as well. It seems that if I am taking care of one thing in my life another is falling apart. Congrats on 4.2 lbs in a week, wow! My weight has stayed the same for about a month, time to do something about that....think I'll start tomorrow ;)

Molly said...

balance is something I work on every day, especially because day is different.

and 4.5 pounds in a week?! wow. you just gave me a great motivation kick!

tri like mary said...

Learning what to let honor and when is really hard for me too. I'm way too type a to let anyone do anything I could probably (in my mind anyway) do better. Good for you for taking steps! I'm still working on it!

Ryan Oilar said...

I struggle with balance all the time. And the countdown to race #1 begins!!!

Anne-Marie said...

I'm way behind on blog reading, but just wanted to say I really enjoyed this post! I really need to work on balance too - in several ways.

Also, love the gym observations! Maybe you should make that a regular section on your blog :)