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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Proud wife

We had an amazing weekend in Cedar Point.  I laughed, I cried, I screamed like a wild woman.  It was awesome!  I will post pictures and whatnot when I can.  But, I have some important things coming up... like and MRI this afternoon on my back (hoping to get some answers!!!) and then I'M GOING TO VEGAS BABY!!!  Heading out for a little R&R and some Interbike.  So, I promise to post tons of pictures from both, as well as try to catch up with blogs as soon as I get home.

But I leave you with this... yeah, I'm a proud wife!

Team Type 1 Announces Ten Athletes with Type 1 Diabetes Will Embark on 3,000 Mile Cross Country Run From Oceanside, CA to New York City

Athletes will run 24 hours per day in relay format to finish on World Diabetes Day, November 14, 2011

Team Type 1, a global sports organization dedicated to radically changing the lives of people around the world with diabetes, today announced ten runners from its world class athletic program will undertake an ambitious 3,000 mile run across America. Powered by global healthcare leader SANOFI, supporting partner of the organization’s racing teams totaling more than 100 athletes, the run is an initiative devoted to spreading the message of better health through proper diabetes management, increasing awareness of the growing diabetes crisis in the U.S. and promoting prevention through exercise. It is the first-ever such effort by a team of runners with diabetes.

The trek will begin on Friday, October 28, 2011 in Oceanside, CA and will continue in a relay style from coast-to-coast. Running 24-hours per day, through varying weather and terrain. The team’s goal is to complete the journey in New York City around World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2011.

In 2005, Team Type 1 took on the Race Across America (RAAM), and has since won the event dubbed “The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race,” four times with a team of type 1 cyclists. Team Type 1 holds the record for the fastest trans-continental crossing in just five days, nine hours and three minutes.

“Since the inception of Team Type 1, our athletes with diabetes have been shattering the limits of what is possible,” said CEO & Founder Phil Southerland. “We’re so proud of our athletes for dreaming big and taking on the run of a lifetime in an effort to inspire others living with this disease. We are also promoting exercise as a measure to prevent Type 2 diabetes and better manage Type 1 diabetes. We can’t wait to watch them cross the finish in NYC. Our organization, fans and friends around the globe will be cheering
them on.”

Led by Tom Kingery, a four-time Ironman competitor and Director of the Team Type 1-SANOFI Running & Triathlon teams, the 10-man roster includes athletes whose accomplishments span top finishes in the Ironman World Championships, the New York City Marathon, the Boston Marathon, multiple ultra-marathon events and an NCAA Final Four Soccer Champion.

The full Team Type 1 roster includes the following:
Tom Kingery, Delaware, OH
Casey Boren, Boise, ID
Brian Foster, East Amherst, NY
Tom Grossman, Midland, MI
Ryan Jones, Morrisville, PA
Jon Obst, Kennesaw, GA
Matt Patrick, Larchmont, NY
Kevin Powell, Verona, NJ
Ben Semeyn, Rockford, MI
Eric Tozer, Los Angeles, CA

“We are thrilled to have an unparalleled team of endurance athletes for our first ever run across the country,” said Team Director Tom Kingery. “These accomplished runners are not only amazing athletes but they are great people and role models in the diabetes community. They carry with them a powerful message of empowerment that instills hope and inspiration in those struggling to live a positive and healthy life with diabetes. We are very excited for this challenge and the opportunity to spread the message of hope from California to New York City.”

The running team will be backed by several partners including SANOFI, VSP Vision Care, Newton Running Footwear, ShareCare, Hammer Nutrition, RoadID and the American Diabetes Association NYC Chapter. All will play a major role in ensuring that the Team Type 1 runners receive proper care during the 15-day haul.

To learn more about Team Type 1 and the Run Across America Team, visit www.teamtype1.org and connect on Facebook or Twitter. The Team Type 1 runners also plan to hold a meet & greet event during the Chicago Marathon on October 8th and 9th, details will be available at www.teamtype1.org in the coming weeks.


Matty O said...

Thats awesome.what a great article and cause!

Thoughts and prayers for your mri today!

Meaghan said...

Whoa, VERY cool!! Yay Tom!!

Thinking about you today - good luck w/ the MRI!

Ironman By Thirty said...

So awesome!!!

Any idea on what the route is through the Midwest??? Just wondering where the closest spot they are going to pass by is going to be.

Good luck with the MRI! I'm praying that you get good news :)

Allison said...

That is AWESOME!!!

Hope your MRI goes well and I hope you have a great trip to Vegas!

Heather said...

Good luck with the MRI....

And awesome article! You should definitely be a proud wife!!

Kim said...

fantastic article! tom is such a cutie!

let me know how the MRI goes... thinking of you :)

vegas baby vegas!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is awesome, I admit, Tom has me in awe in his racing awesomeness.

TriMOEngr said...

Lost my dad in June 2010 to this terrible disease. He fought it for a very brave 56 years (diagnosed at 10). I'm so impressed and amazed by the way these athletes embrace the challenge. I'm also anxious to hear about the route. If I can't make it there, I will be cheering in spirit.

Matthew Smith said...

Tom is a stud! That is going to be such an awesome accomplishment and for a great cause. I saw a couple pics of him finishing on Sunday, and he looked great. You must have done a terrific job cheering him on! I can't wait for the pictures.

I hope the MRI goes ok with only good news for you.

Melissa C said...

Wow, that is so awesome!

Good luck with your MRI! You're in my prayers!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

That is so awesome! Pass on my best wishes for this! And best wishes with your MRI!

Janet Edwards said...

Wishing you the best at your MRI today! Way to go Tom!

And it was super awesome to meet you!

Beal88 said...

Awesome!!! That's really cool. Diabetes runs in my family and it is really cool to see this. Hope your MRI goes well this afternoon.

btw - seek out the sram booth at interbike and tell them to update their red groupo!!

Anne-Marie said...

Soooo cool! You have every reason to be proud! :)

Glad to hear you had fun at CP! I was hoping to cross paths at some point, but there were soooo many people there! Rev3 really put on a great race.

Hope MRI went smoothly...

have fun at Vegas/Interbike!

tribirdie said...

Very cool for Tom!!! wow!! Good luck with the MRI hope you get results quickly!!

Aunt Nan said...

TT1 - such passion, such drive, such determination. Such a proud mom-in-law. xo

Carolina John said...

Sounds like a long and tough relay! ouch. Good luck on the MRI. I hope it comes back clean and they have a quick fix for you.

Wes said...

that's AWESOME!

Jennie said...

Wow! That's awesome! Yay Tom!

Glad to hear that your MRI went well! Have a great time in Vegas!

Caratunk Girl said...

How did the MRI go?

WAHOOO TOM!! That is so cool!! I have always thought it would rock to be involved in RAAM.

Vegas!! Wahoo!

N.D. said...

awww good luck! have fun!

Kelly said...

Loved the piece about TT1! I hope you find out something with the MRI!