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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An update and an award

Okay people - this is where they stand...

They are in New Mexico.  They are still running.  They are still tired.

Hahaha - that's about as good of an update as I've gotten.  I went 26 or so hours without talking to him yesterday because they have had no cell signal and when they finally did get it, he was just starting a shift.  So I talked to him for about 6 minutes.  He sounded good, tired, but good and said that they were doing fine. I know he had a long shift in front of him (it was 10pm our time and they were just starting the 8 hour shift so they'd be running through the night) and he was already yawning! I have a feeling that when I get home home on the 15th, he's just going to sleep for a few days!  Here's a great little blog that one of the crew members is keeping.  And the official writer for the Run Across America is one of Tom's teammates, Marcus and his blog is here  Tom is trying to post Marcus's blogs to the Team Type 1 website, but without Internet access, that's just not always possible!  Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes... keep them coming for these crazy amazing guys!

Okay, so on to me.  I'm leaving tomorrow for Panama City Beach.


And yesterday, Melissa from Double Jogger Diaries nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.
Thanks Melissa... so now I'm supposed to give you 7 facts about myself.
  1. I was born in Queens New York.  I wasn't there long (10 months) and I haven't been back since, but I know that my life would have been very different had we stayed there and not moved to Westerville, OH.  My parents and I are going back next weekend for the finish of Run Across America and on Saturday, we're renting a car and driving through all of the old neighborhoods.  I was told that some of them will be very quick visits - guess they might not be the best parts of town! :)
  2. I talk to my mom every day, at least twice a day (it's 11am and I've already talked to her 4 times today).  I can literally call her and not have anything to say, yet we can talk for 30 minutes nonstop.  The hardest time I had with this was when I went to Europe for 4 months, but I still talked to her 3-4 times a week!
  3. My husband's name is Thomas Brady Kingery III, but since I've known him, I've called him Brady.  No one else does this and it often catches people by surprise when they hear me say it.  You see, my dad is Tom, my grandpa is Tom, my father-in-law is Tom... so when I first started dating him and we were with our families, it just got too confusing.  I can't remember the last time that I've called him Tom though, except for when I'm talking about him to someone else.  So if you hear me talking about Brady, that's my hubby.
  4. I'm totally obsessed with reality tv.  I know that it's trash and rots my brain, but even yesterday, when talking to Tom (see... I didn't want to throw you off with the Brady thing), he asked what was new in the world since they haven't had access to the news and my responses was "Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce".  That's sad... 
  5. I love making homemade sandwiches and panini's.  I worked in a sub shop (Jersey Mike's) for about 6 years (high school and college).  It was a piece of cake job, all my friends worked there, I got free subs... you know, everything was perfect (except for me slicing off part of my middle finger on the meat slicer, but that's another story). When I quit, it took me years to walk back in and order a sub because I had eaten there every day for years.  Their subs are really great, but I just couldn't eat them.  Now I can though and I can still rattle off what comes on each sub.  I use a lot of their ideas when cooking at home and Tom often says that I should open a sandwich shop at some point. Maybe...
  6. I love to bake, but don't do it very often.  I do cook dinner at least 5 or 6 nights a week.  And I'm not afraid to try some new recipe.  I don't measure things though and many times make the recipe my own by adding something or taking something out of it. I would say 98% of the time it works out great. 
  7. I have a rule that I must not think about future holidays until the next one is over.  I'm so not a fan of the fact that right after Halloween, Christmas season starts.  I take that back... BEFORE Halloween, Christmas season starts.  What happened to Thanksgiving (which is one of my favorite holidays) and why must we always rush to the next one? I love love love Christmas, but I honestly think it's a tad ridiculous that in October, the trees and ornaments are out.   It makes my head spin.  Bah-humbug.
So that's all... I had a hard time coming up with 7 things about me.  Hope you enjoyed them.  I'm supposed to tag people, but my mind is on my girl's vacation right now and I must go pack.  I know, not playing by the rules, but just call me lazy a rebel!


Christi said...

I have ridden my bike through New Mexico so I completely understand the spotty cell receptiom. Not fun! Keep up the good work Team Type I!!!

I don't like the holidays at all but probably for the same reasons as you. I don't like it all in my face. I want the simpleness. I want to enjoy my family and friends. Is that too much to ask for during the holidays?!

Have a great time in Florida! Have I mentioned that I am totally jealous?

Rachelle said...

Yeah, we don't have many Thanksgiving decorations, so I went looking for some this past weekend, and everything is Christmas already. Literally went from Halloween to Christmas. So sad.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with reality TV. Hubby keeps telling me to stop watching it, but its slightly addicting.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I should also be packing and organizing but no, i'm reading thru blogs. Have a safe trip to PCB.
It is so amazing what Brady and his bunch are doing running across America. Even cooler that you get to meet them at the finish and get to tour where you were born.
I feel so sorry for Kris Humphries. He got played so bad.
What a great relationship you have with your MOM ...priceless!
See you very, very soon.

Anne-Marie said...

#7- I completely agree!

#1- My parents lived in Manhattan before I was born, so I often wonder how different my life would've been if they hadn't moved back to PA!

Have a great trip to PCB!!! So jealous!!

Kim said...

so jealous you are heading to sunny and warm florida!!

um can you send me your fave panini recipes? i LOVE LOVE LOVE sandwiches. hands down my favorite food.

Heather-O said...

And now I can sleep at night! I could not figure out why Tom's Akron Marathon Bib said "Brady" and didn't want to be nosy and ask. But now it all makes sense!!! Haha!

I too love reality TV even though I sit there and complain about how trashy it is I can't take my eyes off the TV!

And now I must go kick Matt's butt at Tennis! Can't wait to see you guys down here! Thanks for the tip to bring a jacket.....it be cold down here!!!!

TriMOEngr said...

God bless all the Team Type 1 guys as they run. Thank you so much for the blog links. I'm hoping to attempt to go out and cheer for them as they come through Missouri. The map on one of the blogs made it look like they will be near me - just depends on what time of day they come through.

Melissa C said...

Thanks for playing along! Have fun in Panama City! There are some TIA folks headed down as well, and Team Mongo. Crazy that our parents live in the same town, yet we haven't met yet in person!

I am sort of like you with the holidays, but I have bought a few Christmas things already for this year. It drive me nuts that in September I need to worry about Soren's birthday pictures AND our family Christmas picture (outfits) at the same time. It is sort of mind boggling, but that is when the dresses go on sale for a few days for 50% off, and then they sell out of the sizes. We don't actually take the pictures until Nov for the card, though. Boys clothes is easier to find because it is pretty much the same every year, but I can't do the same Christmas dress 2 years in a row for a card. She can still wear last years dress, just not for the family picture. I should have included on mine that I am a gymbo-addict. I hope you never even know what that means.

SingingJo said...

This Run Across America thing is so awesome!! And I SO AGREE about the whole holiday thing. I am not ready for jingle bells yet. I'm just not.

Steve said...

Those lists are awesome, you get to know a lot about people. Have fun in Florida. :)

Matthew Smith said...

What? Your husband's name is Tom Brady...like the New Englad Patriots Quarterback? That's pretty cool.

I keep tracking those guys running across the country. It looked like it would suck in all that snow. They're doing great!

I think it's really cool that you talk to your mom at least twice a day. Nothing wrong with that!

Oh yeah, and I agree with the future holiday thing. That's how I roll too!

Meaghan said...

Ummm, if my husband's name was Tom Brady you bet your ASS I'd be calling him TomBrady (one word) everyday ;)

VERY cool being able to track those guys online -they're doing AWESOME!!

And I wish I could bake more.. The problem? I LOVE baked goods, which is not so good for the hips :)

misszippy said...

It is really interesting to think about how different your life would have been growing up in Queens from Westerville--a whole different experience. And I'm with you on the reality TV--way too much Bravo in my world!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

When you once yelled "Brady" I went "whos Brady" then I saw Tom respond, I thought it was a nickname of sorts, now I know

I love reading these lists

Have fun in PCB

Caratunk Girl said...

WAHOOO!! See you tomorrow!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Those dudes are some freaking DUDES!!! Amazing!!! I think I'm the only person in America who doesn't like reality TV ... except for the X Factor.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Your Tom Brady is WAY cooler than the QB Tom Brady. He just has to throw a football once a week for 60 minutes. Your Tom Brady is running across the freaking country! Way cooler!

We've tried reality TV - made it through a season of Last Comic Standing, but got too pissed when the obviously better comics got booted because of stupid drama on the show unrelated to their talent. I've given up on them.

I was the same way after working a movie theatre. So much popcorn in the 2 years. Blah. Still like popcorn, just can't eat it at the movies. Don't really even like going to theatre anymore either. I'd rather be comfy on the couch with the surround sound and ability to pause the movie.

Thanksgiving first. Then Christmas. Period.

Jennie said...

My mother and I are the same way! We can just talk, talk, talk... and all of a sudden, an hour's gone by.

I heard you call Tom "Brady" in GC! And now I know the rest of the story.

Baking and cooking. Two of my very favorite hobbies. Right up there with eating what I've baked and cooked. ;)

Have a fantastic trip!

Alisa said...

That's awesome that they are still trekking! Not awesome that you don't get to speak with Brady much and that they are tired but I suppose that's all part of their EPIC adventure.

I'm not a fan of thinking ahead with holidays either in terms of being "in the spirit" or decorating etc but I am a fan of getting the dreaded Xmas shopping done ahead of time. I love Thanksgiving for me it's the perfect holiday---good food, thankfulness, time spent with family or friends and really no stresses.

I feel bad when I hear about people talking to their parents a lot I think mine are lucky if they hear from me once a month. I am a big texter though! And they started reading the blog and are on facebook =).

Have a great girls weekend in FL!!!!

Caroline said...

ahhhhh I am on #4 and that made me laugh!!!!!
ok going to read the rest now...
I am addicted to RTV (secret code for reality TV)
but I draw the line at watching the K family and Jersey shore :)

Caroline said...

ok on the holiday I am so with you!
it is CRAZY here in the US
always in a hurry to get to things..I said that same thing yesterday at TARGET "what happened to THANKSGIVING???"
I refuse to put any Christmas anything until we are in DECEMBER

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

wow!! so excited for Tom. Keep us posted.
as for holidays, there needs to be rule. One at a TIME!!!

MissFancyPants said...

Have a great trip and congratulations!!! I love Christmas too, my favorite holiday!

Ange said...

hi Colleen,
I just found your blog and just now I realized you're friends with Mandy (I've been coaching her...) and that you're headed to FL with her? Small world!
So... this Run Across America is AWESOME! I'm so incredibly impressed that your husband (is he your hubby?) is running and they all have type 1 diabetes. I have several friends and a family member with diabetes and know how difficult it can be. They are amazing. I will look forward to reading more. Have fun in FL! Are you there to sign up? Exciting!!!

TriMOEngr said...

Saw Tom and the TT1 gang tonight in Pilot Grove, MO (wide spot in proverbial road). They looked great! I probably took way too much of their time chatting away like a silly groupie. LOVED EVERY MINUTE! Totally worth the drive. Just thought I'd drop you a note.

Susan DeBruin said...

Totally with you on #7!!