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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Bullets

It's been a long time since I've done a bullet update (complete with pictures).  Here it goes...
  • I published this blog with the title "Thursday Bullets".  Things have been nuts around here.  Why did I think that they would actually slow down at some point?  Ha... that will never happen.
  • Our house is finally almost done. There will always be little projects (or big ones like a new deck), but we have a whole lifetime to get all of that accomplished.  The most recent project?  Adding our white cream picket fence.  Now we just need the 1.2 kids in the yard and we'll be the perfect American family, right? (no mom... that's not happened yet)

  • And we're still representing OH-IO.  
  •  We're finding a lot of these guys around.  As long as they stay outside, I'm cool with them.

  •  Charlie celebrated her 8th birthday last week.  It's hard to believe that she went from this

  to this.
 We love her so much.
  • And just for my mom and dad... this is what her upstairs toy basket looks like.  Yes, we live in a tennis community.  And yes she brings those home when we walk each morning.
  •  Buddy had a rough weekend.  Friday night, just as we were heading out for date night, we noticed he was bleeding.  He had just chased a cat and somehow managed to cut himself really bad (maybe on the bush he ran through to try to get the cat).  Needless to say, he didn't win the battle with the bush, ended up having emergency surgery and having stitches put in his butt.  He's been walking around with a shaved pink butt like a baboon, trying desperately to rip the stitches out (thankfully, it's probably the only place on his body that he can't reach).  We've had a few rough days with him no sleeping and just crying and crying.  If this is what parenting is like, that 1.2 child might not happen.  I can't do the sleepless nights.  He couldn't handle it either.  This is how he ended the night on Tuesday... mmmm good drugs...

  • I finally felt like "me" on my bike today - as in I didn't totally suck.  The first two rides, my brake was on and that's my excuse.  Saturday I felt pretty good, but it was hot and Tom and I had both had horrible night sleeps with Buddy being in the vet.  So today we went out on the same route we did Saturday.  We rode it 15 minutes faster today (it was only a 20 mile course).  I don't know if I should be proud of that or ashamed of Saturday's ride. :)  No brake problems today... now if I could just remember that I was in my 52 front ring while climbing the wall by our house I probably wouldn't have feared for my life that I was going to start rolling down backward. 
  • I can't wait to share some great things that I recently received and want to rave about.  Here's a hint...



Ironman By Thirty said...

OSU??? Really??? Ugh... ;)

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

Poor Buddy! Hope he heals up soon. Do you need to borrow Bailey's cone of shame?

Those are some bright cycling shoes! (+5mph)

Loved the disclaimer for you mom... I know what that is like :)

Matthew Smith said...

What an awesome post! I feel like I know you ten times better now. Nice fence... Nice puppies... Nice shoes!!! Those babies are sweet, and I can't wait to hear all about them. They IS flashy!!! Charlie looks like such a sweet pup, and I feel so bad for Buddy, although it was his fault...

Nice work on the rides! Shaving off 15 minutes on a 20 mile route is pretty huge. I really need some riding partners as right now, I'm just not too motivated.

Have a great night!

Jill said...

Great picture of the puppy on the counter! Um, sweet items that you got to review. Hope you do a giveaway too. Can't wait to read about them. Are you doing pics of the new place?

Tri-Jess said...

I got shoes this week too!!!

Jen Small said...

awwww, poor puppy baby :(

yeah, rethink the 1.2 kids thing because it's 10x worse...but then you'll meet lola and change your mind, deciding it's totally worth it :)

nice kicks

Joel said...

Great post! Like Jill said, I can't believe that little puppy on the counter picture! I totally said "awwwwwww".

Hope Buddy feels better soon.

I'll be sending you a Florida wind chime for the yard (seeing as how they own OSU) :-) :-)

Don't know if you've run in the Iso-T's yet, but they rock!

Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb said...

Love bullet posts!

Love the fence.
-Go Bucks!
-Lizard-like things freak me out.
-Happiest of birthdays to Charlie!!
I have a tennis ball lover too
-Oh Buddy, yes those moments are rough.
-Glad to hear the feel of your bike rides is coming along.
-LOVE the brightness of the Pearl Izumi shoes all the Team Rev3 are rockin'!

Jon said...

Your poor pup!

Jason said...

Love the cycling shoes. I know you love the SBR products.....how can you not?

You might want to hide that OSU sign when the season starts....those UGA people can be vicious......

Christi said...

Great update! Thanks for sharing. Love the pics!

Beth said...

Oooh, those shoes!!!

Jeff Irvin said...

Whoa those are some bright shoes!!

Bailey surgery to remove a tumor earlier this month. It sucked. She was miserable trying to recover - which means we were miserable.

I think your Kestrel is a 54/39. You should get a 50/34 compact for the hills!

I owe you an email ... coming in like 10mins!

Cory Reese said...

Those are some sweet looking shoes. They have speed written all over them.

And the dog pictures.....basically awesome!

TriMOEngr said...

Nice to "see" you around more and hope as the house stuff settles we'll get more pics and more "bullets". :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, even I like those shoes

Alisa said...

What the hell is that lizard thing? I guess that's better than spiders :)!

Definitely need to see more pics of your house and your riding routes. I can relate to hills and traffic, both of which I'm not a fan. Luckily, for me I'm getting more comfortable with both.

Poor pup, doesn't he know he's not supposed to play with kitties :).

My Zoey just had her birthday but he size transformation isn't nearly as dramatic. My beagle went from 8lbs to 26ish.