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Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Camera

With the baby coming, we decided to get a new camera.  We didn't want a DSLR (even though everyone insisted on us getting one - and for those of you that did, thank you.  I would be more than happy to send you my address so you can purchase said camera that I "have to have" and have it shipped directly to our house).  Maybe you missed the fact that we have a baby on the way.  That translates to "we don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a camera". :) We just wanted something a little better than our Sony Cybershot - maybe something that records video, has a faster shutter speed and a little more clarity in the photos. 

Of course camera shopping is the worst (I would probably rank it higher in terms of suckiness than jeans shopping or bathing suit shopping).  It's bad.  There are just so many options and I always feel that I over research and the camera ends up under delivering.  I buy one, get all giddy about it and then a friend takes amazing pictures on a more simple camera that cost her much less and I get frustrated.  Plus I feel like the reviews are always for rocket scientists.  Why can't someone just write a review that says "yep, this camera takes good pictures.  It's easy to use.  You will be happy, even if you know nothing about photography."  Seriously, that would help me so much.

I did get a recommendation from Betsy on facebook for a bridge camera.  Hum... I had never heard of that.  It's slightly better than a point and shoot, but not as crazy as a DSLR.  She gave me the model of the one she bought and was really happy with.  She told me what I wanted to hear - it took great pictures, it was reasonable and it had all the bells and whistles we wanted.  (Thanks for the review that I could understand Betsy... you saved me).  I started researching it and BAM!  It's exactly what we wanted.  And... it was in our budget. 

So we bough this baby -a Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR

Sounds and looks fancy, doesn't it?  Yeah, it is, compared to anything we've had in the past.  We have a lot to learn about it, but it does everything we want and WAY more!  So far, besides getting used to the size, we are having fun playing with it.  Here are some of the photos I've been taking as I get to learn things.


So with all that being said, and knowing that I have a lot to learn with this camera, anyone have any pointers on taking decent pictures of people, particularly moving babies? For some reason, the owners manual doesn't have a chapter on that.


Kristin Deaton said...

good thing they don't move too much the first few months!!!

Betsy said...

Glad you love it! Your pictures look great. I love the first one with the bikes!

I always get a little nervous when people actually take my recommendation on things. That great restaurant?
Yeah, the service was terrible and the food was awful....

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I dont even own a normal camera, the only one I have is in my cell phone, so I am no help

Matthew Smith said...

First of all, you sure have some good lookin' practice babies to practice on. That one fella is such a stud. He looks like he's a little over 3 months old and has terrific parents? :)

I'm really glad you like your camera. You have to like it in order to actually get it out and use it! Better yet, just keep it out and capture everything!

Thanks again for a whole lot of fun last night. We always have a great time with y'all. The house always looks fantastic, and that deck is really coming along.

Melissa C said...

I am glad you were able to decide.

Babies are a lot easier to photograph than toddlers. Newborns don't move much, and as long as you have squeaky toys and stuff like that to keep your baby entertained, you should be all good. It is when they can move around that things get harder, and then when they get their own attitude it gets worse. We are finally at the age when I am pretty sure we won't have a major meltdown for pictures, but not always. Keira through a fit over an outfit this past fall.

Allison said...

Those pictures are just as good as the ones I get with my DSLR, so it sounds like a great purchase!

Just remember that babies don't move right away :) Most of my pictures of my kids once they became mobile were in their highchairs, too. Or they were holding food. Or bribed in some other way. :)

Molly said...

Love the quality of the photos! I used to say "hello!" or call my babies names when they weren't looking when I wanted a shot without them moving. They picked their heads up then I clicked away.

MissFancyPants said...

Yeah new camera! Congrats!

Carolina John said...

You're going to have a lot of fun learning all the new features in there. Good call!

Try to frame your shot in thirds, with a foreground, focal point (baby) and background to give depth. Look for spots that have natural or reflective light, like letting the baby play in a sandbox outside on a sunny day. Pics will come out amazing.

Kristen said...

Don't know why, but that picture of you holding that ADORABLE little guy made me tear up...that is going to be Abigail in a few months! EEK! (Can't wait to meet that adorable little guy too here in a month!)

(1) You look STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL and HAPPY!!!

(2) Watch out photographers of the world, Colleen's out there!

x o x o,

Caratunk Girl said...

WOW!! I love new cameras for some reason. I am such a geek!! I am really bad at taking pictures though.

Love the picture of Caffery

Wendy said...

For good baby pictures I:

*take tons- I never know when "the" moment will happen with Susanna, and sometimes it's 10 pictures in when it happens.

*accept an occasional blur- Susanna moves a ton at 3.5 months. She always has. The girl has more blurry baby pictures than I don't know who or what. Some of them are just priceless as it's who she is.

*study our kid- I know when she's in the mood for photo taking vs. not. The relationship with her helps to produce amazing photos.

*enlist the help of the hub- He's great at getting her to smile. Daddy's girl all of the way we have!

Hope this helps.

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