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Friday, September 7, 2007

I like to ride my bicycle

So Tom and I decided to go for a long ride today in preparation for for his upcoming Ironman and my upcoming half Ironman. I opted for the 84 mile route, while he added a few 30 or so to the end of it. Mom called while I was out and being the savy bike rider that I am, I talked to her while coasting along a back road. Her response to our distance choice was simple... just one word - "WHY?" We get asked that a lot and the best asnwer we can ever give is "Because we can, that's why". As if the distance wasn't dreadful enough, we pick a day that is 91 degrees and has winds upward of 19 mph. It was a blast... let me tell you! :) We did come to the conclusion though that our ride conversations would probably be funny if they were taped and we listened to them at a later time. They would go something like this:

(A jeep passes with 4 yellow smiley face lights on the top)
Colleen: "What are those stupid smiley faces for?"
Tom: "They are light covers."
Colleen: "Well that's retarded"
Tom: (laughing) "I can see you and you sister on long car rides now, pointing all the dumb things out, while your mom and dad sit in the front and enjoy the scenery."
Colleen: "What does that have to do with stupid lights on jeeps with smiley faces"
Tom: "I dunno"


Tom: "You are covered in salt"
Colleen: "Yep, I'm a human salt stick. I should lick my arms during a race to replenish the salt I lose. I could be like a cat - just call me Catwoman!"
Tom: "I have a better idea, attach a funnel to your head and every once in a while pour water over your head and have the funnel go straight into your water bottle and then just re-drink the salt you are losing."
Colleen: " I would have to be careful not to fart though because that would contaminate my water"
Tom: "Why do you always try to ruin my good ideas"

See... long rides are good for the body, but even better for Tom and I to clear our minds of the pointless thoughts that fog our brains. After 84 miles, I have a clear brain and feel so good about myself... I call that a successful day!


Carolyn said...

You need to send these into Saturday Night Live for skit ideas!

Laurie said...

I am going to enjoy reading this blog for sure!

See attached for one reason why I run. It's about more than just me.


Kristen said...

You are just too funny. Glad to hear you survived your long ride, smiley face "light covers" and salt and all that jazz.

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