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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My new dinnerware

I went to Target to find my three section plates. I looked in the kids department thinking that I would have to compromise and get a Dora the Explorer plate or something to find one with three compartments. I struck gold!!! On a clearance rack, they had a plethora of big girl plates that were separated and had no characters on them. Kind of boring, but just what I was looking for. Here they are...

Very exciting, I know! The way it'll work is that I'll fill the biggest part of the plate with my veggies. In one of the small portions will be my lean meat and the other will be a grain. I figure this way I'll make sure I get a good size serving of veggies, less of the stuff I don't need, but still enough to make me satisfied!!!

On a side note that is nothing related to weightloss, Spence and Em were in town (Tonia and Richard too of course) for the past two weeks. We had a great time with them and enjoyed celebrating their first birthday a little early. Here are my cuties:

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