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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hello... Is anyone there???

This world of blogging is sort of funny to me. I don't think that anyone reads my posts, yet I still continue to write. If I tell someone I have a blog, inevitably that is followed with a "who reads it?". My answer never fails... "probably no one, but it's fun". So with that, I'll continue blogging. I guess it's sort of therapeutic.

Tomorrow morning I weigh myself again and am slightly nervous to see my number. I need a new approach to eating, especially with my training season primarily over. Maybe I need a smaller goal in the interim. Hum...

We leave for Panama City Beach on the 31st. I would like to be at 143 by then. I think that's attainable. Probably about a three pound loss, but I have 4 weeks. It's a good goal. And I'll share that and be accountable to anyone who wants to listen! :)


Aunt Nan said...

I'll always listen to you. You know that! Your goal certainly isn't unattainable, but whom am I to talk. I just keep going up, up, up. Last Thursday I went to WW and was at my highest since my 48 lb. loss. I was miserable, but managed to stop at MC D's on the way home to get a strawberry Sunday for Dad and I. Then I went for a walk, and ate 3 chocolate chip cookies when I left the house. And I wonder why I'm miserable? I have noone to blame but myself. It's getting harder and harder for me to lose, but I will....eventually. It just takes longer. Be patient. You're so active and I remember so many times you telling me...it's just a number. It's how you feel that counts. To me you look fantastic. Don't give up. You're incredible. I love you. Mom xo

Kristen said...

You know I'm a nerd and I read it. I just don't reply often. Sorry!

Like mom said...you are incredible! I love you too!!!

Anonymous said...

Boops, I have this little popup thing on my screen that alerts me when you have a post and I always look forward to them. I love you now and then and later, however you think you look or did look or will look. Keep writing and keep working on your goal but also know that arbitrary deadlines only set yourself up for failure. Just keep at it with you chin up and you will reach your magic number. Love you Booley! Tom

Anonymous said...


Pardon me, but I am a virgin when it comes to this blog stuff. I'm figgurin' that I'm supposed to respond, but I can't tpye worth a danm, so it's always a challenge to me. Anyway, go ahead...lose weight...see if I care. Remember, I began my HUGE wait loss when Mom told me, on a beach on Maui, that I looked like a beached whale. That was my incentive to lose about 15 lbs, which I did. Been that, done there, so I've put most of it back on. Gotta go and finnish my beer.


Dad xoxoxox

PALMER said...

I like to read your blog, Colleen :) And your mom always makes me cry - you've got one heck of a cheering squad :) :)

Good luck with your goal!!


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