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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Long time no blog

I haven't written my blog for exactly a week. Things have been anything but calm though - work's picking up, the Ironman is in T-minus 13 days, we're deep into race preparing...

There's not too much to blog about. I **think** I'm going to be successful in hitting my goal of 143 before leaving for Panama City Beach, although the pizza party complete with cookie cake to celebrate Janet's 3:57 marathon finish (yup, she qualified for Boston with no worries - yeah Kita!!) may put me back a pound or two!

We've had some great fall rides the last few days. The trees are so gorgeous, although we've been told that they aren't even at peak yet - we find that hard to believe. It's been so great though in terms of riding weather - definitely not what we thought we'd be getting in late October, but we've been eating it up. Makes Tom's final Ironman training days a bit easier!

Well, hopefully I'll have more to write this week. We're hoping to get a new car (a Pontiac Vibe) and that could happen this week is things fall into place correctly. Otherwise, it's just more of the same... working, working out and getting ready for Panama City Beach!

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