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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Oh what a day

So it was 90 degrees today (unheard of in October for Ohio). Tom and I decided to go to a local pumpkin patch. hehehe - nothing like being covered in sweat as you walk through vines and pumpkins finding just the right one. It was pretty humorous! BUT, we found the PERFECT pumpkins (and they were $9 total... gotta love small town farms). We aren't going to carve them until later though because they'll rot in the heat. I'll have to get a picture of them up here so you can see how we painted them in the meantime!

So to top off our 90 degree day, I decided to make Texas Chili Soup and Applesauce... ALL... DAY... LONG! I thought that I would stock our freezer for the winter, or if you know my wonderful husband, until the end of the month! (kidding dear!) 20 pounds of apples, 4 pounds of ground beef, 22 cans of chili fixin's later, I have 16 quarts of applesauce, 4 gallons of chili, fed Tom, myself, Janet and Jay and never want to eat either of the above mentioned again! It kind of helped me feel like it's fall. I'm sure tomorrow when I'm swimming in the 90+ degree heat I'll keep thinking fall.

On a side note, Tom and I are so happy that we didn't run Chicago this year. The marathon was today and it was 88 there. I guess 300 people were sent to the hospital with heat related ailments, 1 person died on the course, and the officials ended up shutting down the course at 4 hours. WIMPS - I did a half Ironman in 91 degree temps! Hehehe! Seriously though, if you do the calculations right, we would not have finished! And can you imagine the sight of people being told that they have to turn around and go home after running at least a half marathon in the heat. $110 down the drain... wowzers! Hope it's not that warm in PCB! (although I'm secretly hoping it's that warm from Wednesday through Friday, then Sunday through Tuesday - those would be prime beach days!!!) Hey, I know it's all about Tom and Jay, but come on... it's hard being a spectator!

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