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Friday, March 28, 2008

So this is how Ironwomen start huh?

I didn't know what I had coming when I got home from Tahiti. Tom told me that we'd jump right into training, but I guess I thought jump would translate a little like the word ease. :) Oh well... makes things fun! Plus no one said this would be easy!

So already this week I've really pushed myself but I feel great. Our workouts went a little like this:
  • Monday - 30 minutes swim (just working on form to get back into it)
  • Tuesday - 1:20:00 bike and a 30:00 run
  • Wednesday - 45:00 swim (did a 100m test for the first time - 2:06:00 so I have some work do to there) and a 1:05:00 bike
  • Thursday - 4.7 mile run (averaged a 9:08 pace!!!)
  • Friday - 1:00:00 swim (did a workout from my "Swim Workouts in a Binder for Triathletes and it kicked my arse!)

We're supposed to have a 2:15:00 bike and a 30:00 run tomorrow, although my bike is getting a face lift (I'll show pictures of her when she's done!) so we're going to do some workout switching (not to mention we have a half marathon on Sunday and it's supposed to be in the 60's next week which is totally outside bike weather in Ohio!). Funny thing is I'm pooped already this week and know that it's only half of what I'll be doing come the summer. At least I know it's coming and have time to brace myself! What did I get myself into??? HA!

Oh yeah, I'm going to be an Iron-diva, even if I nearly die trying to get there!

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Molly said...

yea you are!
I was SO impressed with the way you jumped in after your trip I know you can do anything!
You are already a fitness diva...iron diva in the making!
Take Care