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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Training has begun

I have a countdown on my computer that tells me how many days I have left to get myself ready for the Ironman. Today is read 223 days. Although I know that sounds like a lot, it kind of freaked me out. Of course I have thoughts every day of "will I be ready" and "am I crazy", but I trust that Tom will get me where I need to be in time. And he wasted no time cracking the whip once I got home. Training has officially began! :)

Over the last three days, we've run 22 miles, with another 10 coming tomorrow. On our 12 miler the other day, I felt sluggish and thought for sure that I lost everything on my trip (which was funny because the first week I ran 4 times with my speed demon mother-in-law and swam twice). Yesterday's run was a little better, and today I felt like I had it again. We did our normal 4.7 mile loop in 42 minutes and some seconds - a PR for our course. It ended up being a 8:58 min./mile. I was pleased (and I think my coach was as well, knowing that I haven't completely lost it!) Monday we are finally getting into the pool and I'm hoping that with Easter tomorrow, warm weather is to follow. I can only hope!

We have a bunch of races coming up which is always fun. A half marathon next weekend, one 3 weeks later. Tri's start 6/15 and I think it's going to be a busy but VERY fun season. I placed twice last year (so what if there were 3 or less in my group), but I'm going to do it again this year if I have any control over it! I've added a list of my race dates on the side of my blog. There are a lot!!!


Mom said...

We support you both 100%. We'd love to see you cross the finish line at as many races as possible. I think you can always use a cheering section...and we're both your biggest fans. We love you both. xo

Molly said...

WOW - you do have a lot of raced coming up!

You will be more than ready for your Ironman!

Way to jump back in!
Take Care

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