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Monday, September 8, 2008

Earning my stripes

One workout at a time!!!

Saturday I did a 112 mile ride - 60 with Tom and then 52 alone. It went really well. I averaged 16.9 (with all the stop signs, red lights, potty breaks and whatnot) so I was real happy with that. Felt good the entire ride and got off feeling like I could run if I had to! :) Nutrition seems to be in check which is a relief!!!

Sunday we got up and did a 16 mile run. What a great training day for me. I was tired from the bike and my legs were pretty fatigued, but I mustered up the energy to at least shuffle through the very last mile. I averaged about 9:48/miles and was very pleased with that. Definitely slower than I've been running this year, but all things considered, it was a good run. That would have been a fantastic run last year so that's encouraging!

My butt was then planted firmly on the couch where I remained the rest of the evening!!!

It was interesting to go through the ups and downs though that everyone talks about, especially during the 50 miles I biked alone and during the run. I felt good, I felt bad, I felt alright, I wanted to do it, I didn't want to do it, I was proud of myself, I doubted myself, and in the end, I finished with a smile. I'm sure that's a lot like what November 1st will be for me so I consider it all a very good weekend!

This coming weekend we're racing again. The Toyota Challenge Half Ironman. I did it last year and it was bad. I'm hoping for a better outcome this time around.


Liz said...

Wow. You impress me so much!! Way to go!

Rachel said...

What? 112 and then 50 so like 162 mi biking one day and 16 mi run next? Why?! That's crazy even for me!

Jumper 2.0 said...

Good Luck at the Toyota Challenge. You really are going to be strong for Florida!

teacherwoman said...

"and in the end, I finished with a smile." --- that's a sure sign that you are doing what you're doing for the right reason!

I am so proud of you and jealous that you were able to ride 112 miles and then do a 16 miler the next day with sub-10 minute miles! SO JEALOUS! Way to go Colleen! :)

teacherwoman said...

BTW, if I don't get back to post again before the weekend... good luck this weekend with the Toyota Challenge!

Borsch said...

Wow...way to get that run in! I did a century bike this weekend, could have ran the next day but def. decided not to!

Good luck at the Toyota Challenge!

Kate said...

Great training. I do my first century this week, ouch!

IronMatron said...

I've been having fun getting caught up on your blog! You will be awesome at IMFL. Don't let the people with eyes rolling back in their heads scare you!
(This coming from a woman who has never completed and Ironman. ha ha!)
Great job on the ride/run combo weekend!

Marni said...

What a great workout!! How exciting...your first IM. Not only is it important to train your body but to also train your mind. You will go through so many emotions during the race but all your training sessions will keep you grounded during the race. Take it one mile at a time.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice ride! AND run!! Great training!!!