Race Schedule and Results

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's race time again -

I am stoked! Tomorrow is the Toyota Challenge Half Ironman. For some reason, I'm not nervous at all about this race. I guess I've put in so much time that I'm just ready to go and have fun! It's still a training day for me, but I'm ready to race!!!

The weather is changing daily for tomorrow - it was supposed to rain, then be sunny, then be cool, then be hot. Who knows... as long as it's not 92 degrees with blazing sun, the conditions will be better than my previous 2 halves!!! I'll fill you in when we're back in town!!!

And just another little side note -



We are the Ferrari's said...

Good Luck tommorrow and GO BUCKS!!!

Brittany M. said...

Have a great race!!!

Oh, and I got my assignment for IMFL--I'll be doing Finish Line catching from 6-9 (and maybe the next shift too) and maybe bike exit help in the morning!

teacherwoman said...

I hope today went well! Can't wait to read all about the big race!