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Friday, September 19, 2008

Pictures from race...

My sister took some great pictures from the race, although they don't do the wind any justice! :) Here's Tom on the bike (smiling because he loves the wind!!!)And him going out on the run
This is one of the laps on the bike (we came into the park 3 times on the bike)

At T2 - it was HOT. I ran out of water on the bike and had this bottle at transition. If I had known that I'd be drinking brown well water for the next 13.1 miles, I probably wouldn't have wasted it on my face!

Okay so I have to explain this. Here I am at the finish, getting my finishers medal. The volunteer and I are standing that way because the winds at this point were so strong that you had to brace yourself. I heard that gusts were up to 75 miles per hour.

That's really it. My sister sent me a bunch more, but they are pretty much the same thing. :) So we went to swim the other day and they took the swim buoys in at the local lake. No biggie, but there were already boats invading the usual swim space so we're a bit uneasy with swimming there in case they wouldn't see us or something. Guess they don't think that anyone's dumb enough to get into the water when it's only 51 degrees out in the morning! That's a bummer since we have 6.5 weeks to go and no where to swim. We are going to try one other local lake before we cave into joining the pool. I'd really love to get my 2.4 mile practice swims in open water... we'll see.

I also just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite little ones, my niece Emily and my nephew Spencer. They are 2 today. They are probably two of the cutest kids in the entire world and my hope for both of them is that they are having a great time. We don't see them much because of some family issues, but I love those little guys to death, so a big happy birthday to them!!!


Judi said...

Nice pix! Glad you survived the wind ok on Sunday!

Kathleen said...

75 mph!?! That IS windy! Great job :-)

teacherwoman said...

Wow those pics were great! that is some crazy wind! Great job to you and your hubby!

Kate said...

OMG, that sounds awful, but you will definitely be ready for Florida with that under your belt.

Borsch said...

WOW>>>>That is too much wind for me!

miastella said...

Hey... I DID THE RACE TOO! It was so crazy! Running over that damn with the wind was...insane!!! I think it was amazing we all finished. Good job!!!

We are the Ferrari's said...

I don't get to see my nephew either because of issues with his mom, so I know how bad that stinks!

I love the picture of you pouring water on your face!

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