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Friday, October 9, 2009


It's amazing what a good sweat session will do for your body! :)

Because it's raining (again) in Ohio, I decided to hit up the gym today for a swim and run. The pool was closed (and to think that I was actually looking forward to my 3000+ meter swim). What's a girl to do? I trekked upstairs and found what seems to be the only working treadmill. (I'm picky... the tv needs to work)

Decided I would run a 10k. Lately my runs have been slow. I actually have felt like my legs were encased in cement for the last oh, I don't know, maybe 2 months). I started out at an 8:59 pace (heck, that's faster than I've been running). Felt good. At .5 miles, I increased it to an 8:47 pace. Breathing a little harder. At .75 miles, I upped it again to an 8:41. I can do this. At 1 mile I cranked that baby up to an 8:35 pace (yeah, I know... no Kenyan speeds here, but we are talking about the girl that's been averaging over 9:30's lately and is just getting over a cold). I felt good at 8:35. I ran there until the 5 mile mark.

From here I increased the speed every 1/10 of a mile by just one pace number (what's that called anyway???).

The next thing I know, I'm cranking out .3 miles at a 7:35 pace. And I'm feeling good. I'm sweating like a pig, but I'm feeling good.

And I was probably grunting a little (sorry to the two guys on either side of me... the one holding on as he was walking and the one who immediately increased his speed when I got on and then died and backed it down to a 10:30/mile). But you know what, I was here to work.

I finished my 10k in 53 minutes. I was happy with that. In the spring, I did a 10k on the treadmill in 50 minutes so I have a ways to go. And I know that running on a treadmill is much different than pushing these little legs on the road, but whateva...

It still felt good!

Tomorrow I get to ride on my indoor trainer for 3 hours. Have I told you how much I hate the indoor trainer? Should be a blast! Then it's off for dinner and drinks with some friends - a welcome end to a dreadful workout I'm afraid!

I think I can... I think I can...


Jumper 2.0 said...

I have always found the treadmill to be harder to run at a pace than outside. I think it has to do with absolutely no variation in pace so neurologically it's more difficult. When I run an 8 min mile outside my pace will vary a few seconds on either side of 8 but you can't do that on a treadmill.

Sometimes it just helps to get the blood pumping. Nothing like speed work to get the lead out of a person's legs.

Take care! IMF isn't so far away is it? Wow!

Kim said...

im with jumper, i cannot run faster on a treadmill!!!!! i think its definitely mental for me! nice job regardless!

ugh 3 hours on the trainer? i only have 2 tomorrow and im dreading it! you can do it! movies, bad reality tv, music! get her done!

Danica said...

You can do it you can do it you can do it.

See you tonight!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I have a 3 hour trainer workout by Lindsay Corbin... it is a KILLER. Only made it 2 hrs but I must admit the time did go by fast.

Ran 4 miles yesterday. Because of the ride to Austin event I have spent all ofo my time on my bike. LOVED every mile of my run...even if it was slow :)

Aunt Nan said...

Yes you can, yes you can.

Kate said...

Nice little speed work, I can only dream of 7's.

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