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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We're getting closer...

The days are ticking by which is good! We leave a week from yesterday and I absolutely cannot wait to be on the beach of Panama City. If you've never been, it's heaven! Tom's traveling one last weekend, so for the next few days I'm going to start pulling stuff together and just laying it out. You would never in a million years begin to imagine what we bring for a one day race! You really need everything. Luckily there is a Wallyworld right down the street for last minute things and it's always so funny doing grocery shopping - everyone is buying bottled water, bread, PB, bananas, pasta, chicken. It's invaded with shaved leg, fit people, who walk around almost comatose, as a million tasks run through their head (much different than the spring break crowd that I'm sure they are used to!)

Bib numbers were assigned. I'm 2307. Tom's 570.

No goals this year - I had such an awesome time last year racing. I kept a smile on my face the entire time and just kept trying to make myself realize that I was living a dream. It was truly amazing. I'm hoping this year's race is much of the same. I don't care if I go faster. Not one bit. I just want to live in the moment, remember that I'm doing something that so few even attempt, and enjoy the experience because after all, Ironman is an experience.

Oh, and I hope that the turf monster doesn't get my ankle at the finish line this year - I guess that's my only goal! :)


Carolyn said...

The body you have is the body you inherited, but you must decide what to do with it.

You must decide if you want strength, decide if you want agility, you must decide if you want absolutely everything that comes from Ironman training.

Thank your mother for what you happened to be born with. But thank yourself for what you actually do with it.

Slightly modified Nike ad from the 1990s.

Have fun, Colleenie-Beanie.

Jumper 2.0 said...

Have fun! I'll be trying to watch online!

Aunt Nan said...

You may have tripped a little at the finish line, but it was still very graceful! xoxo

Chris said...

Just enjoy the experience. We're jealous you guys get to go down there to the beautiful beach again. You worked hard, now it's time for some fun! We'll be watching online.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Living in the moment is they best goal to set if you ask me.

So excited for you!!