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Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's freaking cold outside. And it's cold inside. I have the heat up, the portable heaters on, but to no avail, it's still only 61 degrees in my lovely home. While I love that it's old (105 years) and has character (the walls aren't even and the floors slope down), I could definitely live in a new house with good heating and be just as happy.

And for me... cold weather means I'm a total wuss when it comes to working out outside. I look at it this way...

If I can work out inside until April, then I'm be super amped to get out there in late spring and early summer and the long Ironman workouts won't seem like a drag.

How could biking in a tank top and swimming without a wetsuit comfortably be a drag though??? :)

Maybe a warm house isn't all that would make me happy... for some reason Arizona, Florida, California, etc. all have a nice ring to them...

Off to PA to visit the grandparents and my favorite PA families! Hoping the snow holds off...


teacherwoman said...

Right there with ya chica! I am not diggin' this cold weather what-so-ever, have questioned why I live at the tip of freezin' my ars off, but look forward to those long rides and runs with the sun beaming down on my and those refreshing swims outdoors!

Only a matter of time.... :)

Danica said...

Safe travels!!

We'll be in AZ in May. Come along with us!!!

Tom Kingery said...

Only the floors in the office are sloped. It helps build walking momentum speed from my side of the office, sucks for you though. If you are looking for flats take a walk through the kitchen and sun room. Whah whah!
And do you think your mom would be in favor of us moving to AZ, FL or CA? I think not.
And the cold weather...whah!
Just kidding dear, don't come up to my side of the office and yell at me.