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Saturday, January 23, 2010

THAT guy

Tom's out of town for the weekend so I decided that my 2:15 minute bike and 30 minute run would be better suited (and probably more productive) at the gym. On Saturdays, they have a spin class from 9:15 - 10 and then another at 10:30 - 11:15. You have to sign up for a bike before each class, but the girls were nice enough to let me sign up for both classes at once. I'm sure I'm the only one that's even done a double spin class there **GASP**

I did my run before because I had extra time. I went to the spin room around 9 and got situated. It was pretty crowded already and I plopped myself right in the front and started spinning. I'm not shy. There's a guy two bikes down from me getting his stuff together. He's THAT guy.

Form this picture in your head for me...

Big guy (like chubby big, not juiced big). He's in Notre Dame stuff head to toe. Even his bag in front of the spin bike is ND. He has military dog tags on, which are outside of his cotton shirt with the sleeves cut off. He has on big tube socks. Two 32 ounce bottles of Gatorade are on his bike. And I see a trash bag peaking out of the arm holes of the shirt.

Is he really wearing a trash bag with a hole for his head and arms under his shirt??

Ummmmm... yeeeeaaaahhhh....

He keeps lifting up his shirt (which is NOT a pretty sight) to adjust his new heart rate monitor which he's told the whole class, um I mean instructor, all about (and yeah, it was really the whole class). I try to keep from smiling.

The lights dim and we begin our workout. It's a good one. Intervals. I'm happy.

All of a sudden, about 5 minutes into it, THAT guy yells "HOORAH". I think to myself, that's a bit odd, but keep pedaling. About 5 minutes later he does it again. Turrets maybe? About 15 minutes into our class, he gets off his bike (mid interval) and announces that his heart rate monitor isn't working. The instructor tells him that it's probably interfering with the lady next to him.

Another HOORAH!

Really? At this point, I'm starting to giggle, although I'm able to contain it. He gets back on and about 5 minutes later, gets off, moves to the next bike which happens to be empty. Adjusts everything, announces that he's switching bikes and hops back on.

One last HOORAH for good times sake.

I'm so happy that the class is almost done because I probably would have laughed one of those "you aren't supposed to be laughing" laughs if he HOORAH-ed again.

I think he was on the bike about 25 minutes of our 45 minute class. He hugged the instructor as he walked out when it was over and thanked her for the good workout. I held back thanking him for making me smile on this dreary Saturday morning and giving him a HOORAH for old times sake.

Like I suspected, I was the only one who did a double. The next class was much quieter. The instructor was a wee-bit chipper for me, but whatever. I got a good workout in.

I hope HOORAH guy comes back. He was funny. :)


Stevi N. Honaker said...

Ohhh crap that was too funny and why I can't do classes. I am such a people watcher that I would have spent my whole time watching him for his next crazy move, and not focusing on my class.

Too funny...do tell if he comes back again!

Lori said...

OMG awesome! Let me know the next time you're doing the double spin classes, I just might join you...Hoorah guy is something worth seeing :P

teacherwoman said...

LOL. that's too funny.

untpawgal02 said...

Such a funny story... you're making me smile!

Kim said...

HAHAHAHA hilarious! can you please find a way to take a picture of this guy?! :)

Judi said...

great post! thats awesome. i knew a guy w/ turrets and OMG you should have seen him drunk, LMAO!

i am gonna finally add your blog to my blog roll so i don't freaking forget to read your posts. i am not reading hardly any blogs anymore. :(

Danica said...

LOL now that was funny!!!! I busted a stitch. Shit.

Borsch said...

wow...Ive never had that guy in class. I wish I did though!

TRI-ROB said...

I know that guy! We all love him. He's big and cuddly.

Kate said...

Haha, was he resolution member. I so jealous you are doing another IM, I'll be rooting for you both.