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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly...

I ran my 10k today. I was totally nervous which is funny since it was only 6.2 miles, but I get like that. I had a good transition run this week of 3 miles at a 7:36 pace. I was hoping to be under 8's for this race (or as close to being under 50 minutes as I could). It rained on the way to the race. There was a tornado watch. The winds were supposed to be 20mph. Nothing like adding to my nerves. We got there plenty early, took some pictures of me in my new kit (well part of it at least) said hi to my friends Stevi and Lori who were both running today (and did great) and then coach Tom had me run and do some sprints. My HR skyrocketed. Again, nothing like adding to my nerves. I lined up pretty close to the front because although it was chip timed, there wasn't a start mat (I know, weird, but that's the way they like to do it in Ohio). The rain had stopped, but it was HUMID! I took off at a comfortably hard pace. The first mile was a 7:30. Yikes. The second mile was a 7:32. Yikes. There was no way that I could maintain that. The sun popped out on the third mile and I entered the oven. I got hot. Really hot. I lost track of my splits (and I didn't wear a garmin), but I crossed the line in 48:14! WOO HOO. We grabbed some pancakes and sat on the stairs waiting for awards. Seeing the ladies that I was running with, I had a snowballs chance in hell of getting top 5 (which is what they awarded). My AG was called, Tom was talking to my dad who walked over from his office, and I hear "in 4th place, Colleen Kingery". What? I was giddy like a little school girl. NEVER have I placed in a running race. Now that I'm in the big girls group (that would be F30-34), I know the competition is good. I ended up 4th out of 71. Made my freaking day! :) I got a really cool cup that says "Age Group Hero" on it.
My uncle was riding in the MS150 this weekend - he does the event every year. Yesterday he called and said that it was super hot. No biggie. Today he collapsed 5 miles from the finish and had no pulse. They revived him, rushed him to the hospital and he is in critical condition. They said that it was a heart attack, but were worried about his kidneys, liver and swelling of the brain. My aunt is not home (in NC), as she's visiting my grandparents in PA. She's flying home as soon as she can, but even that has been delayed. We then got word that he was in Cardiac Arrest and were doing emergency surgery. It doesn't look good. PLEASE say a prayer or at least keep our family in your thoughts. He's a healthy guy, a great husband, dad and uncle.

I got bit by a dog yesterday. It was a totally freak thing. I'm a dog person. I was standing in my bff's in her driveway and this pit looking dog (the lady claimed that it was a lab mix... um, no it wasn't) got loose. These little girls were chasing it with a stick and calling for it, but it ran the opposite direction from them. Until it grabbed my dress, ripped the bottom of it and sunk it's teeth into my calf. He didn't break skin, but I have a huge bruise on my leg and three good size teeth marks. Damn dog. The lady needs to be careful - while I won't call the pound, I'm sure my friend's mom will. Being the typical girl that I am, I got more mad that the dog ruined my new dress. :( She paid me for it, but I got it at TJMaxx and if you know that store, they never have 2 of the same thing! Oh well.


Emily said...

1. You look awesome in your new Marathon bar get up!! Love it!! :)

2. Congrats on getting an award!! Rock on, girlie!

3. Your uncle is definitely in my thoughts today - I'm so sorry! :(

4. F'ing dog! Where's Palmer to punch it in the head?? I hope you can find another dress - it was super cute!!!

Molly said...

oh my gosh, I hope your uncle is okay! And the dog bite? and tornado warnings??? (we had one too). Hope things get better soon!

Ron said...

So sorry to hear about your uncle. Hopefully his fitness will help him. CONGRATS ON THE TOP 4!! Way to represent the brand!! What was the buzz with the other athletes like at the race?

Julie (ROJ) said...

Ew dog bite not good! I wanna race with you if they do 5 deep in ages

Danica said...

OH MY FREAKING GAWD a dog bit you after the baby shower? WTF??

Hey congrats on 4th place! I had no idea. You're my hero. Can I say it enough?

Danica said...

Oh yes sorry...

I'm so sorry about your uncle. Keeping him in my thoughts.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Woohoo! Congrats on your race and your 4th place win! That cup is an awesome award! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. That must be so scary for your family. I will definitely say a prayer for him that he pulls through.

OMG about the dog! I'm glad he didn't break the skin! I hope you're able to find another dress.

Jon said...

Congrats on 4th place! That is awesome and great job running in the humidity.

Sorry to hear about your Uncle. I hope he pulls through! Hang in there!

WTF about the dog? I got bit a month ago. NOT fun!