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Monday, June 14, 2010

Super quick update

I'm hungry and I'm stinky so I have to make this quick!

TT1 is doing awesome... they are still in 1st place and their lead had grown to over an hour. They've passed TS 20 which is in Trinidad, CO and have completed at least 1145.2 miles. They are averaging 23.04mph so far. Tom's texts from earlier today included:

"Climbing Wolf's Creek Pass at 11,000 feet. Highest in RAAM. Over 6k feet of climbing"
"Altitude is killing me"
"Puke and Rally"
"I'm trying to fight through this, every shift is stronger than the last. Kansas should be fun"

He's feeling a bit better today. When I talked to him he sounded much more upbeat. He only got sick once and has been able to eat. He said that altitude was the worst and that it felt like he was breathing through a coffee stirrer. We live at 900 feet. I see why. He also said that they saw snow and had flurries for a bunch of his morning shift. He had one pull where there was a problem with the car getting to him and he ended up biking for 20 minutes at 27mph. He's back! One of his teammates wives joked that he gets the award for biking the most with the littlest amount of food and that I need to bring him a few belts because he's probably lost a ton of weight. Oy ve!

I think they are pretty much done with the climbing for a while. Now through Kansas which Tom loves and then they'll hit more climbs out this way. But at least then they are almost done.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers! They are working!


Danica said...

Keep up the good work Tom!

Congrats on your races this past weekend Colleen!

Emily said...


Kick some ass, sea bass!