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Sunday, June 13, 2010

So it's been a day...

And what a day it's been.

TT1 update - the guys are doing awesome! They are currently in the lead and have passed through the 9th Time Station (this one is in Flagstaff and there are 55 in all). They are averaging 23.12mph for the first 536.11 miles and are beating Team ViaSat by 38 minutes and Team 4Mil by 46 minutes. Have had a few quick updates from Tom, but unfortunately they have all been mainly about him. He's still super sick and during his 12am -7am shift, found himself vomiting after nearly every shift (if not during). He told me that he's doing what he can to keep up, but that he feels like he just didn't have the power. I'm sure that's due partly to the fact that he had no food in his stomach (he was on liquids only and those wouldn't even stay down). He got a good amount of sleep after his shift, ate some oatmeal this morning and then some pasta and I just got a text from him that he definitely has more power this shift, but still feels "pukey". Hopefully the next 6 hours that he's out there won't be too miserable for him. I feel so helpless... so far he's been less than impressed with the race simply because of how miserable he feels, which is sad because he really was super excited for it. I can't image the disappointment he feels and hopes that each shift will get better and better. Keep it up boys... you're doing awesome! Team Type 2 is doing amazing as well. They are through TS7 and are averaging 18.41mph!

Update on me - I know I'm nowhere near as important as the TT1 updates, but I raced the Wendy's International tri this morning (it's not an International distance though which is weird... it's a .5 mile swim, a 17 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run). Anyway, I could definitely tell that I raced yesterday. YIKES! My legs were screaming. I finished in 1:33:59 which is a PR on this course by about a minute and a half, but and that got me 6th in my AG. Damn being old... I would have come in 3rd if I didn't have to go up an age group this year (I know, I know... that would mean that the fast girls that moved up with me would be in the group with me and it wouldn't matter!) I was happy with the race though. I had a great time competing with some amazing athletes, got to see some friends and even got to meet Rebecca (which, by the way, I'm so excited about and can't wait to see you at some of the other races that we're doing together this year!!!) I'll post times and splits and all that triathlon related stuff in the next couple of days.

Keep TT1 in your thoughts... and send good vibes to the sick hubster for me, will you?


Stevi N. Honaker said...

I'm so sorry Tom is feeling so bad. We are thinking of him and hope with each day things feel better.

Woohoo to you Mrs. IronDiva! I'm so proud of you, you did an excellent job.

Rebecca said...

It was so great to meet you too! YOU ROCK! I am dreading moving up in age group next year, then I will have to compete against you, AAHHH! :) You really rocked that course, and looking forward to seeing you on the 4th.

I am sorry to hear about your husband, hope he gets better soon!

Julie (ROJ) said...

Love the new layout. Nice work on the back to back races.

Allison said...

Will definitely say prayers for Tom that he's feeling better and can enjoy the second half of the race!

And yay for you!!! You rock, lady!!!

Kim said...

woohooo way to PR colleen!!! that is awesome! and gosh, i hope tom gets better fast - keep us updated!

Molly said...

Darn that age group breakout!! Glad you had a good race, and hope your husband is better.

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